Sunday Papers

Some stuff that caught my attention before my ten articles were up.

Got to wonder if the CIA spy sex scandal is being greeted in papers around the world with a collective “So?” For my part, the one thing that I’ve noticed nobody talking about is the fact that the one agency that supposed to be covert, stealth, couldn’t swing a cover-up.

Special gifts? Really, Mitt, really? Not classy.

Ready to be led? John? Honestly. Wonder if the Fiscal Cliff leads to a bridge for us to be tossed over.

Ready to leave, Papa John, good grief…

Despite not much changing after the election…


In other news…


I really like the way the Toronto Blue Jays uncharacteristically took the Miami Marlins to the cleaners with the actual blockbuster trade that got announced today. The Jays might be pretty interesting in this first year of life with the Bisons. It’s great and been awhile. I do wonder what good the state of the art, eco-friendly stadium on the sight of the former Orange Bowl will be in 2013 with Triple and Double A level baseball being played in  it at major league prices. I can see the ad campaign now: “This weekend, come on down to Marlins Stadium and watch the Cardinals beat our boys like schoolyard bullies. Friday is brown paper bag mask night.”

One other baseball note from this long suffering Mets fan, nice to see R.A. Dickey pick up the Cy Young. At times, ESPN was over the top in praise during some Mets telecasts, but the guy had an awesome year, seems genuinely thrilled and thoughtful about getting the nod. It’s not a huge deal when publicists are a-plenty, but it’s just nice to see.

I seem to be on a sports theme in this collection of tidbits. I wish we denizens of Buffalo wouldn’t give a hoot when some overcompensated jock whines about his room service or view. Such blioviating really doesn’t merit a microphone, but I had to laugh when watching my former intern mentor Ed Kilgore mention that “Reggie Bush will play tomorrow nite despite spraining his mouth w/ the stupid comment about B’lo women.”

Nice one, but is anybody outside of Buffalo and Miami gonna watch?

The guys who decided the categories in SongPop were the same folks that thought Jethro Tull was the best heavy metal band at the one Grammy ceremony, as the categories are a little fuzzy. The Name that Tune game on Facebook is fun but aside from Karaoke versions of songs they couldn’t get the rights to doesn’t throw you off, some other factoids are a little disorienting. Apparently, Seattle is in part in Canada, Barry Manilow is a crooner.

“Treated” myself to a cup from Tim Horton’s the other day, and there was a very small picture of the man himself still in the place. That was pretty cool to notice since the hockey legend’s family sold the coffee/doughnut biz sometime ago. A friend checks and I never thought to look until the other day.

One last note, while the modern day NHL continues to annoy those of us who go to work on a regular basis, it was a lot of fun to see this game get replayed on tv the other night.

First time I ever heard my mom call Jerry Korab a name.


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