Long Time Listener, First Time Caller….

I’m not a talk radio guy truth be told, nothing against the medium, not my usual cup of tea while at work or on my seven minute commute to work. But sports talk? I don’t listen to that either as there is no bar to sit at while you debate good firstbasemen. But, if I did:

The Wildcat is stupid. There I said it. If you are running a football team, and a prospective coach applies saying he is a specialist “in the wildcat,” run away. I love a good trick play and all, but this is pointless drivel that doesn’t fake anybody out. The NFL, being devoid of original thinkers, sees one play go well and suddenly, everybody is trying it, and nobody is winning with it. Yet. Flea flickers and reverses tend to fake more folks out and have the side benefit of working.

Dear NHL,NHLPHA, Donald Fehr, Gary Bettman – FIX IT!! and don’t come out until you do. As somebody who stretches his paycheck by moonlighting at Sabres games on the event staff, the recent round of soundbytes about “being made whole” is so self-serving I could vomit. I don’t see any of you thinking of making those who us who actually lost money on this damn strike/job action whatchamajigger. Considering the money you are arguing about, you could and you should. And one last thing when you come back, no “thank you fans” b.s. on the ice. You guys owe, I mean, all owe an apology of epic proportions.

I mean, geez, if Hostess can settle….

The Toronto Blue Jays with all their new fleecing of the We don’t like our Fans much of the Miami Marlins suddenly have gotten very interesting again. Baseball gets a little more interesting when teams that have been dormant for some time sudden rise. Nicest story to come out of last season was the success of the Baltimore Orioles. I mean, how you can you hate them??

The following thought left my brain while watching Sportscenter. “Hmm, Ray Allen is with the Heat now. That’s a good pickup for them.” See, see, NHL, see what your shenanigans hath wrought! Happy now!!!

If the Eagles fire Andy Reid, the Bills should grab him in a heartbeat. It would be an upgrade as Reid probably tries running on third and 1 periodically.

I’ll hang up and listen…


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