Blacked Out

As a long time Bills fan, the sensation is semi-familiar. I got to admit that it is no surprise that a game against a really awful team when ours isn’t exactly winning friends and influencing people isn’t sold out and available on tv. The Bills have been a bit bewildering lately and the Jaguars are flat out awful. And the way it’s been phrased on the sports reports is that the fans are less than loyal for not selling that game out, that selling out games at the end of another crappy season shows that we are fickle and don’t care.

Craptastic opponents, less than inspiring gameplans, losing more than winning? Do good and folks celebrate, turn out, represent yo, but somebody’s got to take the first step. The Bills chose not to participate in the 85% capacity to lift blackouts and had they done that, the Jaguars game might be on tv, selling ads, gaining viewers, inspiring fans. We ain’t sheep, build something and we will come.

I loved watching Stevie Johnson chase that Indianapolis interception return down last week and force a fumble. That’s soul.

Whole team plays like that and maybe you got something.

Might be good enough to televise


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