Fiscal Cliff Notes

As I write this, it looks like there might be a deal to avert the tax increases on the fiscal cliff crap that has been hanging over us all. Good, I guess, it just strikes me a little nauseated that a group of people doing the “people’s business” take so long do actually do any of it.

Personally, with no Wile E. Coyote signs available (Gruesome, Isn’t It?), I resent the whole lot of them. The entire body got a pretty small, but ill timed raise over the weekend. When you consider that the raise covered more bickering time than actually work, any set of siblings is eligible for renumerations.


Should we be at all concerned that a Kardashian pregnancy got as much air time on the Today show as the Fiscal Cliff discussions?


Course, these goofs thought Ann Curry was the “problem.” Um, no.


I watched the Redskins Cowboys game on Sunday Night Football last night. Both teams have Gordon Gecko-like owners, but the pep band that plays at every Redskins game was fun when the home team finished off the game with a win. And yeah, it was sort of fun seeing the Cowboys go home a-poutin.


You never like seeing anybody lose a job, but I appreciate how classy Chan Gailey was in his brief remarks to the media. You had a feeling something had to give. There isn’t a need to blow the roster up, but the Bills have some holes and need to use what they have better. I’m sure Mr. Gailey can settle back into offensive coordinating somewhere soon.


Given pro hockey’s absence, I nearly answered the call to work the sold out Rochester Americans game at our downtown sports palace last week. Tempted, but I had plans.


A little night music

Welcome to 2013


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