Maybe it’s me

7 Jan

Maybe it’s me…

I can’t get to exercised one way or another about the Buffalo Bills‘ hiring of Doug Marrone. I don’t know much about him, but he did direct Syracuse to a contrived bowl game at Yankee Stadium, a game that accomplished the previously unthinkable. My sister willingly watched a sports event, in person, in Yankee Stadium (her hublet is an SU guy). So, meh. That said, I’d love to hear the cast of the Sopranos introduce him, ya know?

Maybe it’s me…

It looks like the NHL lockout is done. I wish I had something poetic to say about it. It’s very difficult caring about how millionaires and billionaires fight over millions that we willingly gave them. My friend Nick Mendola writes about how they finally set a deadline and beat it If only Congress could have followed the same example, but be kind to the game day staff at your first Sabres game back folks, they haven’t been making money in the absence of hockey. This usher (me) got about ten games in prior to Christmas last year and that few hundred dollars came in handy. Of course, it didn’t have to come to this, they could have started work on this a lot sooner.

Maybe it’s me…

That fiscal cliff was so pothole laden. Had the house spent two days quibbling before Christmas instead of running home early, thousands of companies could have avoided having to prep payroll for tax rules that lasted 37 hours. It’s bad enough that Social Security taxes are going up and benefits being cut that you can’t help what that money is going to be uses for since it probably won’t exist in time when I’ll need some of it back. And they got a raise, the same weekend. Next guy who says he’s there to do “the people’s business” deserves to be smack by the people, for the people, with a bag of hammers. And all of the main characters in the debt fight on the republican side voted for both wars, and raised the debt ceiling four times in recent years. Not sure where they got religion, but I know my checkbook would like to find out. So they got themselves into this.

Maybe it’s me…

but about the only thing fun coming out of the capital is the play of the Washington Redskins. I don’t follow them at all, but watched the past two games and it was both fun to see the Cowboys lose and watch the way Robert Griffin III plays. He’s a classy dude. When Tony Romo completed a pass to a Washington defender, cameras caught Griffin reminding Romo that this is just a game.


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