Your Time is Gonna Come

Maybe Lance can go buy an island and go ride his bike in well-financed peace. Most folks use the Oprah interview and come across as well, people. Swing and a miss there, Lancebot.

He should at least have the decency to send Mante T’eo a thank you for helping diffuse some of the publicity with an even weirder story. Something tells me T’eo will own his lot a little better. The Bills are a projected home for him in the draft and why not.

It’s interesting who screams constitutional and wants to shrink government intervention so it fits inside the bedroom, but apparently have a huge problem with it stopping by the gun rack along the way. Gun Violence is a complicated discussion to be sure. The New York state laws have great intention, some political theater (as everything does), and a few head scratchers. Isn’t there a rule that says we have three days to talk about it? I don’t really know what the difference would be in a magazine holding 7 bullets instead of 10, but things we choose to care about. I’m pretty sure there are some weapons that should not be in homes, some standards, and maybe consistent enforcement of stuff that was put on the books, along with the acknowledgement that there are responsible gun owners out there. Any and all of that might be better than just refusing to talk about it except in facebook statuses and internet memes. It’s a serious issue that does need talked about without the bluster of screaming talking heads of the chat shows.

The executive orders? Everybody, calm down. The list is here:

“Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound too taxing. All the competition to get your point (something both the left and the right do) has people grasping for mcnuggets of info and not reading, when it is so easy to bluster online….like, Well, I’m doing now.

It would be good to actually speak, to each other instead of through the media. I mean, it isn’t helping Lance (see what I did there, tying this all togetherlike) You’d like your leaders to lead instead of bloviate (save that us internet wackos).

I mean, there was actually a fight in Congress over helping Hurricane Sandy victims?

We’ll raise a stink over actually accomplishing anything.