Have You Got Any Castles?

Well, it’s a few weeks later and I still don’t care that Beyonce sang along with herself at the Inauguration. Pretty much every Super Bowl or Inaugural  performance has a tape recording in the can to guard against anything silly happening. I don’t recall anybody giving Yo-Yo Ma playing along with himself (careful typing there) a few years ago. Good for her for showing the Super Bowl press corp up in a clever way.

We do tend to get fixated on bizarre things. A few years ago, John McCain mentioned Chuck Hagel as a good possibility to be Defense Secretary. This week, he decided to slap Hagel around in front of the cameras. Can’t we just do something because it is a good thing to do, not because of how it might play before the cameras?

Glad Hillary Clinton called shenanigans at the political theater that was the house hearings on Benghazi.

It makes you wonder.

Some sports fans I know are in a lather about Bills WR Stevie Johnson not killing himself in February with workouts. WHY? But then again, it’s sport talk radio, so the bar is considerable lower than the socratic round table of wisdom that is regular talk radio. Can’t argue with the results.

Wonder if Alex Smith would be a good fit throwing to him next season?

I’m glad pro hockey is back. It would be nice had the Sabres had a better week than they did, but there something particularly nice about beating Boston. I wonder given how on fire he has been, if Thomas Vanek has morphed into the guy that other teams need to worry about regularly. The Sabres haven’t had one of those in awhile. On the upside, it was doubly entertaining to listen to a few Bruins whine after getting dumped 7-4.

And now, a politically incorrect cartoon:

Does the SAFE Act apply to Super Soakers?


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