The things you think about while walking in a 8 foot circle for four hours….


I caught usher duty for the Bandits‘ game Saturday night.

I ruminated on Facebook that there should be a special place in hell for the inventor of the thundersticks and that he be surrounded by teens who’ve had too much coffee and are in the midst of a sugar high. It’s amazing where the mind can go when you are a little bored.  I’m not much of a Lacrosse fan, so a less than capacity event gave this usher’s mind a chance to wander a little when I wasn’t breaking up a thunderstick sword fight between two parentless doofuses in the Student Surge section.

The Bandits aren’t having a run away good season, and were down with about five minutes left when I noticed a flood of folks headed to the door. I didn’t think Lacrosse had fair weather fans, but it did make me wonder if anybody who ever something to “beat the traffic” ever really accomplished that. When everybody is trying at the same time, aren’t we just moving the traffic up by a few minutes?

It’s cool though as they don’t need the thundersticks for the atmosphere the Sabres want. The lower bowl fills up with fans, people who are there for the game, to be silly, wear goofy costumes, and genuinely have a good time and they do just that. From the anthem singer decked out in a Bandit-orange tux, you know it isn’t hockey night. We’re instructed to head down to the boards to make sure nobody climbs the glass. I’ve never seen it happen, but you never know.

It’s one of those events that works hard to be exciting, from the constant soundtrack (a sort of never ending medley) along with an constant play by play, but I couldn’t help but wonder if both were turned off, would the action sound like a bunch of footsteps with the occasional crash into the boards.

The things you think about while walking in a 8 foot circle for four hours….

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