Springing forward…

9 Mar

The switch to daylight savings time won’t make me grumpy on Monday. Monday usually takes care of that all on its own. I figure I can show “the man” who’s boss by being pretty lazy Sunday morning anyway. My good friend Pete Herr has an interesting take on how the inevitable monday morning blues caused by the time shift here.

My office lately has been making the news lately for a real good way.

2013-03-01 11.03.32

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a little dizzying at times, but kind of fun too. This might be the best picture I’ll ever take of one of my animal colleagues. Nosey lil mug, but we all looked good on tv that day.

On other fronts,  tired of the “Sequestor” the Fiscal Cliff, and the many sequels and also so tired of folks blaming one side or another. They are all at fault. This ain’t no way to run things. Whenever stuff happens, I think there ought to be a press blackout, a denial of soapbox until all the players actually sit down and do their jobs. Then, and only then,  they can have a photo op. So, no, don’t come at me with “it’s the President’s fault.” That’s childish and ill-informed considering that Representative Oompah Loompah and Senator Droopy Dog has just as much skin in the game. Please note the bipartisan ridicule.

The harlem shake looks vaguely like a seizure.


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