Long month this week

So, in the stuff I’ve been reading and trying to digest this week.

Rep. Portman has come out for gay marriage with his son’s revelation that he is gay. A homophobic colleague who is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun remarked that the Congressman had principles until it affected his family. Maybe it was the other way around. When it didn’t effect him, it was easy to tote the party line to stay elected. Now that it does effect the home front, NOW it is a thing. Maybe congressmen should get effected by other things and we get answers faster.

A local newscast announced the election of the new Pope with the announcement “We now have a new holy father.” While Western New York does have a large Catholic population, the “we” might have been overstating the case a bit. It was interesting to watch the mechanics of the papal election. I was a little worried when the seagull landed near the chimney. If timing was off, the pope and Dave Winfield would have a link in our times. From the history/current events buff standpoint it was interesting right on down to the unveiling, but I’m keeping this handy guide for reference.


Elsewhere, if John Tortorella gets the boot from New York, the Sabres ought to grab him for next season. But that would be understandable, and that seems to be rather low on the priority lists these days. It’s too bad, because when things are going well, it can be a lot of fun to be at the games, but it’s just been too awkward there of late. A measure of a lost season, more ushering opportunities for us newbs.

A little warm and fuzzy courtesy of a famous colleague:


Occasionally, I can get a good picture.

and a good tune:


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