The Puck stops…

I’ve always had it bad, not like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch about the Red Sox bad, but for better or worse, I’ve been a Sabres fan since pretty much there were Sabres to be fans of. The Sunday night 7PM games were a fixture on my clock radio growing up. Snagging a ticket when I was a teenage was close to being Charlie Bucket when he found the golden ticket as they sold out the entire first decade of their existence.

Got to my first game when I was 9 to see Tim Horton and Gil Perreault lead the boys against the…wait for it, California Golden Seals. And the ebb and flow of the relationship took off from there. The shift from the Drury/Briere miss to the onset of Pegulatime was optimism abound. A good friend who left the area and I toasted over the possibilities and the Lucic Incident. So, this season has been a tough one and while the Toronto game this week was a lot of fun to watch, you can’t help but wonder where that has been all year. Hard to love something that shows only passing interest. The glass half full folks point out that they are only four points out of a playoff spot. I get a little tired of the heroic run toward mediorcrity.

The folks at the Trending Buffalo released this.

If we could only play Toronto and Montreal more often


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