Space Truckin’

26 Mar

Food Truck Laws Revisited and Contested – Random Rants – Annual 2013 – Buffalo, NY.

Says it better than I could, wish I wrote it. The things we choose to care about. Read Christa’s column. It accurately sums up the truly bizarre way the region deals with business.

I wrote about it on my own some time ago, about how if people are gravitating to the food truck down the block instead of buying your stuff, maybe instead of government protectionism (as that is what it is, Mr. Curtin), perhaps you should concentrate on making better stuff.

It’s capitalism. It’s funny because some restaurants and taverns have invited some of the trucks to come and set up shop and everybody gets along fine. The brick and mortar folk who all in a dither make me wonder. In the Elmwood area, why are you not concerned about the pizzeria two blocks away yet a taco truck one block away is a problem.

It reeks of some business owners putting on their grumpy old man face and just wanting those food truck kids “off my lawn.”

Let’s quit making it so bloody hard for business to make a go of it in this area. The double and triple standards are no way to do business.

Make good food, people will come regardless of if you are on wheels or not. And if you are not, perhaps making food should take priority over making law suits.

Just once


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