Oh, Amherst

Save the tickets for the crybabies.


I do wonder about such a harbinger of Western New York shopping, making it so hard for folks to do business. Apparently the restaurants out there has short term memory about capitalism and are fighting the food truck “Invasion.” I wished the places who are grousing about the trucks and just be honest and own their paranoia and come out say we’re afraid of losing business and we want to not have additional competition. Now, that is a bit of a bad sentence and I do apologize, but I think you can see through the many sentiments. The whole thing smells of a sort of “protect us, please” instead of raising their respective game. I worked for a few years in one of the industrial parks and the visit from the lunch ladies (folks with baskets of fresh sandwiches) were fixed and regular. No pizzeria got upset. No chain venue called the cops on something taken place on private property. No menage of doubletalking restrictions were put on the basket folk. It all seemed to work fine.

I would venture to suggest to the land of strip malls to exhale and be honest. Yes, a truck can swoop in, which they do at invitation of businesses. But you have your little piece of the boulevard all the flipping time, with the ability to put out good product, at a reasonable price and you know, cultivate business through not sucking. Now, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a code of conduct as lord knows, it’s like Lord of the Flies with Food Truck lawlessness out there. Oh, wait, we’re fining people based on stuff that hasn’t been written.

But let’s not get into another nonsensical laundry list because some dude who is afraid for his profit margin and not doing anything about it. Work a little harder restaurant guys and your people will be there. Folks don’t go to the trucks to buy food off of a truck. That really isn’t that thrilling. The trucks have their fan base because it’s good food at a reasonable price from a clean kitchen prepared by folks who give a damn.

That sort of work ethic should be encouraged. Save the tickets for the crybabies.


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