He shoots, He yawns…


Got to take a seat Saturday for the Sabres and Flyers, a well positioned on at that. It’s a little different from “working” there which I’ve done for maybe 7 or 8 Sabres games this year and did so Sunday for when that clash of the Titans (Sabres vs Lightning) takes place, a sort of Dolts versus Bolts affair.

It’s funny what you block out. When I’m working, somehow you can not listen, watching folk come in, giving directions, etc. When the teams come out for pregame skates & warmups, the contrived excitement of high volume, sort of generic rock reminds you that you are supposed to be jazzed to be there and tries to grab you by the metaphorical labels and scream “HEY, THIS IS AWESOME! GET PUMPED!!!! When you are safely camped in your chair, that’s flippin loud. It got me jazzed…to consume aspirin.

Instead, it feels like somebody is playing their favorite records without regard for the fact it does nothing for anybody in the room. Now, a word about the “boo-haha” that happened last week: that is what fans sound like and they weren’t amused. There are a lot of corporate level seats close to the ice. Neither my pop or I had any business folding ourselves into the ones we sat in. The Arena, the effin center, has taken raps in recent years for being atmosphere challenged, that it can be quiet in there. It has been. I think you can get a little jaded with every spring marked by that “heroic march” to 8th place.

When things are clicking there is indeed a pulse to the place, the trick is to get people to ensure the clicking. Sitting and watching the Flyers and Sabres try not to hurt each other sort of made me think we were watching an exhibition game. Back the next day, an older gentleman needed to hockey vent and apparently the missus wasn’t having it as he bent my ear for most of an intermission. I’m thinking it’s a genuinely entertaining product, you don’t need to contrive things, or allow stupid things like Thunder Sticks.

When the Sabres came back to tie and beat the Maple Leafs, the building shook. It was like the armstice was signed, atmosphere spilled onto Scott Street in waves. Winning solves a lot. It might not be the best of parallels, but ever notice the New York Yankees don’t have a third jersey or a second cap for the players? They don’t need to, because they have that annoying habit of being good periodically, that sells plenty of t shirts.

When the GM comes out and says we’re not going be very good, that to me does more harm than people who work for a living letting loose with a boo.

Just turn the techno pop down a little, huh? This is a neighborhood.


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