School Daze

3 May

So, the lovely mother of my lovely children and I have done our time. One of our three has been in the Buffalo School System since 1994. We’ve done our committee time, our bake sale time, our election time, our meeting time and have more than a few friends on faculties around the city. So, we’re pretty conversant in the ebb and flow of the nuances or lack of them in the kids education. It’s no secret that there are some problems, like there is an district. There are a lot of amazing things happening to, which doesn’t get acknowledged enough. Between the well-intentioned idiocy of No Child Left Behind, and continually emasculated budgets, the tough job of education that much tougher.

So there are two candidates for school board in the city of Buffalo in my neighborhood who’ve decided the truly open seat, the one that matters is the one they are fighting for. To that end, they are each filling my mailbox with 9 x 12 full color post cards, the content of which is just their dislike for each other, not what they would do for the job, ideas for the district. After 4 straight days of this, I got it, you aren’t fond of each other, quit wasting money on glossy postcards that make me hope you both lose.

I don’t know what electorial genius it was who decided that is important. When teacher evaluations, state mandated testing (educating via bean counters), good programs getting ignored, pet programs getting twisted and even other districts sweating the value of Kindergarten, I wish both parties, and the PAC that is sending out anonymous character attacks would just stop and actually talk about what matters.

You get the job: “Now, what?”


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