Bubble People

“You can’t reach everybody, because some people can’t be reached.” That is one of the few marketing maxims I’ll actually subscribe to, as most marketing strategy is common sense dressed up by…marketing people.

People are hearing what they want to hear, sometimes in traffic.  I was dropping my son off at school last week and a supporter for one of the school board candidates was working the cars in the parking lot on behalf of her candidate.  That made me a little uncomfortable since it was a charter school and I really question the effectiveness of that. It’s like the people who insist on going into the park and blanketing the windshields of cars with slingers, something I’ve hated since  a local gym did it on a rainy day.

Watch how people make left turns in semi-circles instead of the way our drivers ed teachers taught, or cross the street at a green light assuming that “Heisman trophy” like pose to repel traffic, or better still crossing that street staring at the phone. I think it says something. I’m not entirely sure what. I voted in the school board election, but I was only the tenth person to do so.

After the election, facebook was full of bluster about change of all kinds. I was a little uncertain about all of that. About the only thing for sure is that the decisions are made by those who show up.

We all have a tendency to seek comfort in familiar sources for information. That’s a little tougher to do, but it’s good to read things that you don’t necessarily agree with, to find out the whole story. I need to get better at it, read more, despite the presence of the perfectly good television across the room.

Need to burst a few bubbles


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