Clap for the Soundman

12 May

My son has a thing for old british rock, queen, beatles, etc. And that is pretty cool. To hear some live, through the generosity of a good friend, we took in the show the Buffalo Philharmonic did last year with a rock band celebrating Pink Floyd and it was a lot of fun. Later, we checked in on their collaboration on music of the Who. I think this is a little sneaky for me. He gets to hear some radio hits, (me, too, who we kidding) but a little exposure to just how great the BPO is as well. I know some of these pieces can’t be tremendously challenging for the Orchestra members. There are a number of instances with other orchestras where the music reduced the orchestra to back ups or the sound wasn’t done well enough to hear all parties. A collaboration between the actual Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony had some patrons running for the exit.

But the BPO and the music of Led Zeppelin was a treat. Like any kid of the 70s, I’ve always like them, and to my surprise, the lad did too. The nice part of this is given the number of elements in the Zeppelin records, there was room for a very real collaboration between the rock combo doing the job and the orchestra. In my mind, the real star after the great performances was that of the sound crew at Kleinhans. Mixing all those elements can be a tall order, but the folks at the board last night did nice work.

2013-05-11 19.29.16

It was a nice view, great sound, and no “bustle in your hedgerow”, so I wasn’t alarmed. The son? He thinks the orchestra rocks and if they do Queen, we’re there.


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