Ball Four

It had to be in error. I was channel surfing and there were the Toronto Blue Jays on national TV. Over the winter, that baseball team up north threatened to be interesting to watch for the first time in a generation. They certainly did right by the Buffalo Bisons who are an absolute blast to watch these days. I picked up a Blue Jays cap and that might be responsible for the Jays’ start. Maybe they will get it together, but who will notice, as we don’t see them that often.

Major League Baseball has some oddball rules and responses to TV. You’d think they would want to have people see the games even from out of the way places like Buffalo. The screwy blackout rules allow for the Yankees and Mets to be beamed into Western New York. In the case of the Mets, I dunno if that is much of a favor, but I digress. But nary a peep at the progress of the Blue Jays, Pirates or Cleveland Indians, all three of which are essentially unavailable to us.

I know this isn’t the mystery of life being safeguarded or anything, but it does seem a little silly. There was some rule passed a few years ago that prevented duplicate airings of programs on border stations. That meant that if CBS was running over from Football, you couldn’t turn over to CBC to catch the show. It’s the opposite of the way it should be, but explains why the cableguide says one thing, but what’s on the air is something something else. Might have to roadtrip to see the Pirates’ home park which is one of the nicest looking in baseball.


But you’d think the idiots running the asylum at Major League Baseball would want to cultivate more fans, show off what they got, and probably sell more caps, tshirts and the like by letting us see. I mean I read the column in the Buffalo News about the Blue Jays taking two games from the Giants, but it might have been nice to see a little bit of either, but no.

The evil overlords at TSN, MLB, etc don’t want us to do that, when we can see all the Mets we can handle…

Thanks, fellers


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