Everybody’s Talkin’

Opinions. I’ve observed an interesting phenomenon. Nobody knows anything. One of the worst circumstances I know of is when parents have to bury a child. In my childhood neighborhood, a young man, by all accounts a good guy, died today as the result of a horrific motorcycle accident.I don’t pretend to know the family beyond a few hellos when out to see my own folks.  Aside from the unspeakable situation, the family gets to see it on the news and reports online get the forum section, where forum posters, empowered largely by anonymity, will bloviate on a person they never met, a situation they didn’t see, motorcyles they’ve never ridden, a place they’ve never witnessed first hand.

The family has to spend the next few months reminding each other to get out of bed each morning till the reflexes take over, and for that, my heart hurts for them, having some experience in that avenue. What got me started on this was the Buffalo News story on the accident. As I write this, the whole situation happened a dozen hours ago. While the story has its relative ups and downs in reporting this news, 145+ comments have already been posted, from anti teenager, anti motorcycle, anti kid on motorcycle and so on.

I guess it’s good for people to have an outlet, but none of us were there and nobody knows anything.

Just wish they’d quit showing how much nothing they know.