Mental Etch a Sketch

A few things occurred to me during this most surreal of work weeks.

I was watching a woman cross four lanes of traffic, pulling her child, while still on the phone, a couple hundred feet short of a corner. To me, that’s giving karma a completely unnecessary reason to mess with me.  Me? yes, I know better. I wouldn’t do that. I might be on the road.

Thought we were supposed to have primaries and then parties have their candidates.

At the moment, the Bills are more interesting than the Sabres, but both of whom will place far behind the Bisons if the sun ever comes back out.

Can Elmwood Ave handle battling frozen yogurt stands?

Nice the Supreme Court got a couple right this, but before I get all giddy on that, I temper the joy with remembering what went askew.

It’s a trip to see things being built around the city at the moment, even if the crane at Harborcenter looks more like an amusement park thrill ride than a construction device.

Cheers to Wendy Davis, and the indirect product placement of her Fila-busters


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