Typical Situation

So, in all my years of concert going, I put a different spin on it last night at Darien Lake by volunteering for Reverb, a traveling organization that works with the Dave Matthews Band to help in the band’s goals to leave a positive imprint in the wake of those evenings concerts. We were charged with soliciting donations that would be used to buy locally produced food for a local foodbank. This is a task that oozes positive karma. The reward for helping out was free admission into the show. Donors got nifty nalgene water bottles among other things and I got a pretty unique perspective for people watching.

Two waves of torrential downpours in the time leading up to showtime led to a lot of moist show goers and my new appreciation for a well built pop up tent. We did good business, raised some bucks, had a few laughs along and watched in bemusement of the folks who just kept partying in the rainstorm. Ironically the purified water filter couldn’t get wet, so for your donation, you got a groovy water bottle that you couldn’t refill anyplace. But such is life.

Shift over, supposedly there was a roped off spot to watch the show. There was also mostly a mudpit right at the foot of the hill. As it isn’t a short drive back to the city from Darien, I bypassed the viewing area and the mudpit and just went a little further back to watch the proceedings.

I walked up the firm footing to see a few folks playing in the mood in a pique of chemical serenity. Karma smiled upon me as none of the intoxicants were my kids.

When you are on your own a bit, you can wander unbeholden to anybody, found some other folks at the end of the 25-49 demo to chat and hang for a bit, watched a little on my own too. It’s funny what you see. Security was busy. I spotted a gaggle of folks aiding the department of one gentleman who had “Too much concert.” That scene made me think some Deadheads I know can hold their stuff better than these lightweights. Something about being on the lawn. It was almost a 40/60 split of folks who were there for the music versus those who were because there was music to accompany the consumption. Too each their own I suppose.

Band played great, sound was actually pretty good, all things being equal.

It was a site to behold from up on the hill.


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