Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

14 Jul
I wish.
“The movement must not stop with this verdict but continue on until each and every young man of color in America can walk the streets in any of our nation’s neighborhoods unafraid, knowing not only that he is safe, but that his country walks beside him.” –Co-Director, Advancement Project

This is part of her piece on the Huffington Post saturday evening.

I’m not sure where to begin. The whole thing could and should have been avoided. Whenever there is a “trial of the century,” those of us watching at home can never be too sure what gospel gets handed to a given jury. But you can’t help but be stumped at a notion that an individual can instigate a confrontation, kill the other person in said confrontation, and walk away.  Standing your ground? Well, not if you have to invent the ground to stand on.

You worry about the reaction, the long term effects, yet one more way of differentiating between people, that we cross the street to avoid each other, that stopping to buy skittles and ice tea is a life altering experience, that some moron with a gun won’t take the sound wise advice  of a 911 operator, that he will shoot his way of an fight he started, and that he will get away from it. It sounds like the prosecutors couldn’t bring it home beyond a reasonable doubt and when that happens, you have this.

As a parent of  a good kid (well, three actually), I used to worry in stages. He would catch the school and toward the end of grade school on his own, and should be able to walk where he choose. By in large, that happily is the case, but just the possibility that this is how we treat each other, and that the state could essentially endorse that treatment is scary and is a reminder that we don’t get to relax.

Standing your ground shouldn’t be mean gun toting balloon heads get to go looking for trouble.

And that is a crappy commentary on us


3 Responses to “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!”

  1. Jack Saviola July 14, 2013 at 9:56p #

    You’ve drunk the kool-aid of race politics, Michael.
    You ignore any of the evidence that Travon was a pot-smoking, habitually suspended from school, racial epithet spouting….PUNK.
    I.m not saying his killing is not a tragedy, surely it is.
    But there is at least an equal contributory factor emanating from the other side. Who caused the wounds on the back of Zimmerman’s head?
    There is no credible evidence that George Zimmerman is a racist, yet you and many others insist that the only factor in this incident is the deep seeded desire to kill a young black man. And you (collectively) refuse to even discuss any other possibilities. This defies logic and belies your own inherent racism.
    The facts are, Zimmerman is a jerk, Travon is a punk, and they came together in a set of unfortunate circumstances that resulted in a tragedy. The racial aspects of this incident were added in the following weeks by TV networks, “leaders” (Al Sharpton? Really???), and the usual suspects in the never ending race debate.
    To insist that this case should become the catalyst for any discussion of race in America continues to do a disservice to us all.

    • mikespub July 14, 2013 at 9:56p #

      I certainly don’t pretend to know all the circumstances to be sure. I do agree with your line about the facts. My scribblings were more musings as to what these types of cases do, how that tragedy can alter perceptions going forward. Neither guy is an angel to be sure from what has been reported. I’m not privy to what the jury’s instructions were. That always seems to get lost. Just some thoughts. Thanks for reading.

  2. nancysbishop July 15, 2013 at 9:56p #

    As usual, Mr Springsteen said it best: “It ain’t no secret, no secret my friend. You can get killed just for living in your American skin.” — American Skin (41Shots)

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