Wings for the Stig

I’ve always thought the Buffalo Skyway gets a bit of a bad rap.


I’ve always thought the Buffalo Skyway gets a bit of a bad rap. Sure it’s fugly when you are standing underneath it at Canalside, but that can be fixed. My dad suggests painting all the legs of the structure like the chairs that dot the Canalside area. But there is something bout being on it, it’s not the driving experience, but it is one of those places where “shotgun” really earns its value. Head out of the city, as you hit the spans peak, a passenger gets an amazing view of the water. Coming into town, it looks for a bit like the road will just morph into the buildings. I know, it’s not the elevated section of Chicago or whatever, but a guy can dream.

I love the BBC tv show, Top Gear, it never gets old for me. It is can’t miss tv for me. It’s been a fixture of the BBC for a long time, local anchor people, and it is the most watched tv show around. The american version, on the History Channel, is still finding its voice, but is still fun, just pales a little bit compared to the mothership. It reminds me when BBC host Jeremy Clarkson said American audiences wouldn’t get Top Gear. I like to think that what he meant was that it was American television executives wouldn’t get Top Gear. So, it ain’t the big show, but it was somehow appropriate that History Channel version came to town to play on a road we take for granted and regularly slag off…the Skyway.


I borrowed this from WIVB-TV’s website as it is one of the documents of the skyway being cool.

Who would have thought it possible. They made the Skyway a little bit groovy.

How hard could that have been? Here in the land of “reasonably priced cars” for everybody.

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