Goodbye, Blue Sky

Some images from the Tuesday in the Park show by The Machine at Artpark. I took my british rock loving son up to hear/see the Machine. Artpark is a beautiful place to see a show. If I had my druthers, I’d be heading up to see Buddy Guy and Robert Randolph to cap the week, but my wallet had other ideas. It was a nice sized crowd that into the music in a great setting. The changes from the free days of a few years ago caught me off a bit, but we had a good time




The Machine does a real good job aping the Floyd sound, so if you are into Pink Floyd at all, and apparently about 8000 of us were, it’s worth taking the jaunt up. Something about the laser show by the gorge and good sounding music, along with the festival of people watching (apparently a lot of us got our Pink Floyd shirts from Amazon or Target).


The guy with the yellow sign was condemning us all to eternal damnation with scripture, still not sure what the offense was, but the folks in front of me stumped him with some quotes of their own. It’s sort of reassuring that uddering the “Devil made me do it” can befuddle our sign waver. He’s condemned me at enough events that I should get frequent flier miles on my way to damnation.


Nice night….


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