Hmm, so the shutdown of the federal government continues, accomplishing nothing, but hurting working Americans. At the heart of all of this are all these folks who profess to love America. I’ve noticed this, this love of America and it makes me wonder why they seem to hate everybody who lives there.

Okay, so you don’t like the Affordable Care Act. Fine, instead of pouting, blustering, obfuscating, and strangling the rest of the people’s business, work on actual ideas on improvement instead of wasting the people’s monies (really good at that) to fix and work together on flaws and shortcomings.

Seems simple.

I had the fortune to be among the staff for the latest appearance in the area of the World Wrestling Federation and their latest pay-per-view program. In a weekend that saw a Bills loss, two Sabres losses, a long term injury to a quarterback star in the making, the choreographed shenanigans was the pinnacle of Buffalo Sports for the weekend.


Those wrasslin fans are some getting up, and getting down people. Attendees of the live action are essentially a really large studio audience and there are a lot of gaps in the action, enough so that I’m sure the concession folks made some serious dollars. I’m not if I was envious of the foodstuffs passing by, or how well financed some folks were to be making so many trips to the bar.

No wonder mom made us eat before leaving home. Stuff’s pricey.

How come apples don’t get the p.r. that pumpkins seem to enjoy?

Just wondering


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