In the Sufferin’ Madness


A Power failure got a round of applause at the Sabres Wild game on Monday evening. Being a life long hockey fan, it’s easy to see why. It hasn’t exactly been a stellar start for the home team. More empty blue chairs showed for a game that was most noticeable for the former captain, Jason Pominville, scoring the winning goal. Maybe the Sabres should have shown his Ottawa goal and said welcome back. Sometimes, you got to do things for just to be a good guy.

The brief power failure was a metaphor.

On other ice fronts, Pat Kaleta got ten games for a hit and part of the reason for the punishment was the history. That is some twisted logic, because he’s been suspended by the same myopic system before, this punishment should be different. Punishment fit the crime, there, NHL. I’m not saying he’s a choir boy, but Phil Kessel repeated assaulted a Sabre with his stick and got three preseason games. I’m not arguing Kaleta was innocent, but a set standard would be a refreshing change of pace.

This is a great sport, but the people who run it don’t always seem to like it much.

The upshot of all of that is that it had me paying more attention to the baseball playoffs. Much like the Baltimore Orioles last year, it was fun to see the Pirates be in the playoffs after a long absence. Tv execs are praying for Boston to win today I’m sure for another Boston/St. Louis World Series.

Go Sox, there I said it.