21 Nov

This was the storm that made me a cell phone user.

Remember that big fun? Storms like that I think make me a little blase toward the sea of first snow photos that dot facebook, instagram and the like. That day started out fairly dry and snow started to fall as my then two and half year old departed to drive across town to get his sisters and meet up with his mom for teachers conferences at school.

By the time we finished, the storm was in full blast. The usual 15 minute travel time was clogged down by the full weight of the storm and we found actual parking spaces and abandoned ship until the storm finished, five hours later. Our daughters still laugh about being able to walk among the abandoned cars on Elmwood Ave.

Streets were clogged all through the Elmwood Village as the snow fell continuously. After getting home late, I decided there was no sense in rushing. The next morning, I got a shovel and went to rescue the cars. The moaning about snow, too much or lack thereof now, is amusing to this observer. Without social media, we all just went about our business at hand, helped out whoever was stuck and so on. I got down to where we parked the cars and went to work and turned them back to cars from the blobs they became overnight.

I’m reminded that if it wasn’t for the teacher meetings, we would have been in a variety of places, as some school kids wound up getting squared away for the night at a grocery store.

As I freed the ugly sedan first, I noticed that the army corp of engineers was in clearing streets. So, I followed him in my beat up old Marquis and had no trouble taking a slightly longer route home, but got there in short order, past a handful of Explorers and Blazers that were having trouble with the very thing you are supposed to buy them for, guess the drivers needed to study up. Good to have four wheel drive, better to actually know how to use it.


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