New Moon

31 Dec

You don’t often get to start a new year with one of those, but it happens as we “usher” in 2014.  The idea of a clean slate, a fresh start that comes with a new year is an enticing thing. There are pockets of good and bad with every passage of time and it is possible to have bad stretches for sure, but can’t really blame the calendar for what fate might be throwing at you.

I don’t know how I feel about 2013 as a whole, so I look to the certainties. I reconnected with a very valued friend and that great unbreakable bond lead to me to a great group of folks (thanks, fam). And that trumps pretty much anything else the world can toss at ya. The blood family is thriving too.

I have made mistakes, fixed em, and had successes as well. None of that was the calendar’s fault, just me being the flawed human I am.  Shit, as they say, happens. While some day are “diamonds, other days are rocks,” we’re here and that’s pretty okay.

So, let’s enjoy the moon this evening (safely), and the blank slate that begins tomorrow…afternoon.

or enjoy this to get ya going:

Happy New Year.


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