There’s lot of weather out there. When it gets this cold, it doesn’t matter if it is Celsius or Fahrenheit, although I’m pretty sure when somebody writes 1 degree F, the F starts to stand for something else.


That was an impressive cloud rolling in. I managed to slalom into work with relative ease despite the zero degree temps and most of my commute having the same texture as most NHL rinks. A few folks in SUVs still think their four wheel drive makes them invincible to sliding and skidding, but the fact of the matter is they be just as “vincible” as the rest of us.

I dawned on me during the last round of snow that this is more the real deal for winter in Buffalo. This as I micromanaged my 8 year old Corolla on the snow covered thruway for the first time. The point really resonated with me on New Year’s Day (All was quiet) on a trip up the Queen Elizabeth Way to pick up my son from an overnight with friends.  The trip up to the Grimsby area was no big deal, clear roads, but the snow and temps started to fall. That’s extra fun as darkness falls too. That doesn’t slow our friends to the north down.

By the time, we crossed the Rainbow Bridge (with no line), everything was snow and ice covered and cold, not unfamiliar cold, just been a long time since this area had hit single digits. Cold enough that only a few folks, like my work colleague, below, are digging the return to old school Buffalo winter.


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