“Cold enough for ya?”


This return to old school Buffalo winter is effecting my naturally sunny disposition.Mother Nature has a drinking problem and she has been slapping us around a little too much, making up for two or three El Nino laden winters of minimal snow, with a endless bitchfest of near zero temps and winds that make your face hurt.

I’m tired.

When this was the norm, we would occasionally get that little breather in January or February, a few days off where you could wear a lighter jacket, get some meaningful sunshine, and it would be a good respite to get you through to St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, we got this, this unrelenting festival of negative wind chills and plow drivers who aren’t sure where to put snow, so much so they’ve taken to smacking cars as that is what they are used to seeing. My apartment driveway is better set for skeleton and luge events than Sochi is.

I’m tired.

Tired of the adults who bitch about the snow days, like they got gyped in 1987 when the temps were colder and the drifts higher or why aren’t we getting a snow day, it’s cold out there (The city did screw up with the late call the one day, but alas), tired of the folks who post about “You live in Buffalo, whaddya expect?” I expect you to shaddup, but I guess that was too much to ask for. I like the four seasons, but this has been too cold too long to enjoy a lot of winter stuff.

It does a strange thing to one’s system. We got a sunny day, and temps around 15, but no wind and you would have thought it was spring break. “Leave the hats and gloves at home, whoo-hoo.”

I’ve already been reminded that the forecast for Buffalo for later this week has temps in the 40s for a day. This is not reason, I repeat, not reason for busting out the flip flops and shorts, no matter how tempting that might be. Keep that translucence on your porch, could blind a person.


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