Season’s Needlings

The lack of much to say has slowed down my blogging in recent months, but as we mumble our way through the holiday season, I’ve been making a few mental notes as I go.

I’m pretty sure an artificial Christmas tree shouldn’t leave needles on the floor when you take it down.

Ndamukong Suh could have at least pretended he didn’t mean to step on quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but chose not to. Yep, a dirty player.


He got a game suspension. It’s good that that system worked.

I like that.

Some other things, I wish I would have “gotten for Christmas.”

I wish albums still mattered. Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters says we shouldn’t be concerned that the U2 album showed up uninvited on our ipods, but that we should be concerned that the album stunk. He was right. I have always liked the band, but the last relevant record was 15 years ago. 10 years ago, I took my daughter to her first rock show and we had a blast, because they reminded us that after all the Bono speak, forbes magazines, fashion layouts, U2 can flat out rock. I’d like them to do that again. Care about the music, and the claws, lemons, and whatnot will take care of themselves.

Course, I sort of wish U2 still tried to matter.

I wish EJ Manuel would get another shot. Many a quarterback had to sit for a few seasons before getting their shot (like Mr. Rodgers, pictured above) and hold that clipboard and learn. He wasn’t great, but Uncle Rico didn’t exactly make people think of the second coming of Jim Kelly.

I hope the Pegulas in their search for the right Head Coach for the Buffalo Bills aren’t setting the Bills up for a good shot at drafting Connor McDavid.

The guy who told Doug Marrone to “try the power play, Doug” probably shouldn’t be giving advice again.

Sting’s musical closed. He probably should have listened to Paul Simon, who probably should have listened to Steve Van Zandt.

Good thing Kanye West helped that McCartney fellow out. That Kanye, always on the lookout for up and coming talent.

Jeb, Mitt, just say no

Going for an ice bike ride.


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