Vote for me!

“People get stupid during elections, Charlie.” “No, people get talked to like they are stupid, CJ.”

That exchange from the West Wing sort of sums up where I am at with the current election cycle.

Some thoughts that have been in my brain since the midterm elections and while we await recounts to complete.

Too many people are worried about I voted stickers and not enough about who they are stuck with. Me, I’m more:

I like Mark Hamill’s voting “disguise” the best.

“Why doesn’t Jim Acosta just go to the car and change his shirt or put on a hat and go right back into the press briefings?” I mean, the President in a fit of pique says that happened on a number of polling places where republican seats might have difficulty eeking out wins. Not Jim, but multiple votes, noteably without any evidence cited, just screaming into his twitter microphone.

A congressman who has been arrested and indicted is running ads to tear down his opponent. This candidate, who previously admitted to caring only about donors,  claims “Open borders” would be a part of his opponent’s victory.  It’s not a quote, not lifted from another location, it’s just something to shout. Because the internet has given way to epically short attention spans, I’m sure some viewers are believing he is for open borders. Never mind that nobody knows what those are actually might be. Nevermind that nobody has ever advocated for open borders ever. It’s vernacular straight from the idiom that brought us “death panels.”


All presidents have to do some pretty unsavory crap in leading the country.  But it is a rarity for one to hold a press conference on an election, but basically cherrypick what questions he will deign to answer, dress down reporters, insult others and engage in unfounded contempt. Yet, folks are fine with it. Apparently anything that isn’t complete subservience into only what they want, regardless of anything is view as subversive. Noting now, a few days after I started this essay, that a federal judge is ordering Jim Acosta’s credentials be returned by the White House. In this era of discrediting and belittlement, I can see the White House never calling him ever again.

If you are going to listen to people scream voter fraud, make them back it up. I’ve yet to see anything that substantiated the amount of sound bites and sad tweets from people who aren’t getting what they want. Every vote should count regardless of which way it lands and everybody, including power mad presidents, spineless lapdog senators  and obstructionist majority leaders should remember they are in public service first and respect that!

I’m sure the total tonnage of what we don’t know is substantial. But none absolutely none should get to do exactly everything they want. It’s contradictory to the notion of public service, especially when the only amendment that gets afforded some respect is the second one.

(courtesy of The New Yorker)

If you absolutely at peace with your current leader, there is no way you can be seeing the “whole board.” Blind absolute faith is a powerfully dangerous thing.

The new blood of women who actually have agendas to help, to represent, to do the job is the most encouraging aspect of this whole election boondoogle, along with the higher voter turnout. Decisions get made by those who show up.

She’s right, so was Martin Sheen when he said it in an earlier episode. So was Harry Truman when he actually said it.

The infighting in Florida about their recounts in frustrating. Democrats are looking to the recounts (state mandated ones) and hope. Republicans are screeching that it is only democat votes that are being found (that could be a way of admitting voter suppression). For my money, I’m starting to think that Florida just isn’t very good at this stuff.

Neither is Georgia where the GOP candidate for Governor is his state’s secretary of state, so basically he can sign off on his own election. Talk about your ethically grey areas. Yet 45 is all about, it’s fraud, it’s stolen, it’s infected….all of which is apparently code for “It’s not the result that I want, so screw it.

Eventually, democrats and republicans will realize that they need each other to get stuff done, to get anything accomplished in the name of the jobs they hold when we send them to Congress. Neither should get all they want. I think we all would like them to get something done and remember the bulk of the country as opposed to just the folks who profited from the 1% tax scam. You hear about checks and balances a lot in your eighth grade social studies and this is where that lesson comes into real life. Unlike Algebra as I’m still looking for that practical application.

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