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To say that we are living in strange times at the moment thanks to Covid-19 would be dramatically understating the current state of affairs in daily life. New terms of entered the daily lexicon and I’m pretty sure I hate all of them.

“The New Normal” crops up in pretty much every newscast and it bothers me as none of this is normal. There isn’t normal in being able to ride down two of the main streets of the city like I did the other night on my bike during the dinner hour unencumbered by actual traffic. There isn’t anything normal being able to drive the outline of the island of Manhattan in 45 minutes like a good friend of mine did this past weekend. The twisted shopping patterns employed by some when launching an offensive on their grocery store is not normal. When I was a kid, my dad worked a job that paid him once a month. With four kids at home, the folks didn’t have as much stuff as I’ve seen people loading up on in recent weeks. Let’s call it what it is. It’s now, nothing more, the bleak, depressing now that we all have to power through. There is nothing new or normal about it. It’s just now.

Fluid situation and practicing social distancing aren’t too far behind. The language behind it is to blame. With the sake of just being alone, are you practicing for a time when it is real? Nope, you are just doing it.

But semantics aside, it needs to be done. In an era, where everybody on social media is an instant constitutional scholar, infectious disease expert, master strategist, shut it and hide


I worry. We haven’t been able to see my mom for almost a month as her assisted living facility closed the doors under state order. While that is understandable, she is less than adept with a cellphone so keeping the ties that bind bound are a challenge. My brother is an intellectually challenged guy who resides in a group home and I believe he is understanding the virus outbreak and the means needed to get it under control.

As the U.S. “leadership” was finally detecting a problem, I happily became a grandpa. My daughter and son-in-law have smartly limited the people coming into the home, so It means I haven’t seen much of them either in the past three weeks.

It’s tough. I watched the panic buying of Toilet Paper and other commodities that solved nothing but an unneeded, unwarranted strain on things. If you truly needed that much TP, Covid-19 might be the least of your problems.

Now, is it the President’s fault that the virus got here? Of course not, viruses can’t be slowed by walls. But you want more from your leaders, you want to believe they are leading in stead of concerned with ego and profiteering. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t need to move at this point for to get my vote again. Anybody who rolls up their figurative sleeves and literally says he doesn’t care about reelection (I saw him say it) has a proper grasp of the issue and sees the whole catastrophic board.

I appreciate the Governor’s forthrightness, his honesty, his willingness to say I don’t know and to call out the hypocrisy in getting things done. He understands his is a public service job first and foremost. He’s trying to solve a problem.

That is laudable. Being close the Canadian border, I’ve been reading a lot about the monthly stipend that the Trudeau government has put Canadian citizens on. I’m fortunate that my job has stayed in tact, despite me working from home, but I know many who aren’t so lucky. I’m not thoroughly versed in Justin Trudeau’s regular policies and I suspect that there are things I might disagree with, but in this instance, he is making Canada great again by putting stock and investing in Canadians.

He sees the whole board. Now I’m not an acolyte for either man, but I admire how they are responding to the matter at hand.

Every economic blowhard booked to talk about jobs always says we should have three months of salary stashed in cash of job loss. It’s pretty lousy advice in this paycheck to paycheck world and I guess it doesn’t apply to airlines or cruise lines. Let’s help the workers of an american hospital prior to the cruise line that pays no taxes. Let’s help the people who have to spend their money after spending time with that hospital before helping the cruise that isn’t registered here.

Any leader, especially a President, has to make untenable, undesireable decisions, that if we were privy to them, we might rethink support. A voice I admire a lot once cautioned that “Blind Faith, in your leaders, in anything, can get you killed.”

As I write this, almost 8000 residents of New York State have died from Covid 19. I don’t have across the nation statistics in front of me, but there is no way to be at peace with that number.

Is it the President’s fault that Covid 19 got to America’s shores? Like I said earlier, of course not, but the disorganized, meandering, bellligent, ambien-popping, reporter-berating, all about me response most definitely is.

From ignoring intelligence, slashing CDC budgets, closing many offices including one in China, to dismissing the virus as a democratic hoax, to generally insuring we could not be worse preparared, that sit at his strangely empty desk. For nightly briefings that began with every speaker professing his or her adoration to Dear Leader to swatting away guestions when he given the softest of softball questions, to the pot shot taking at governors trying to help and the pats on the pack for those who put their citizens at risk, it has been a flop, a failure, a compounding of disaster spoken in mostly pronoun terms.

“Let’s see what happens” (you have no idea, do you sir)

“Everybody is waiting to…” (who, exactly?)

He says we can’t lose the airlines in defending bailing them out. You know what would help, is making it easier for customers to afford to fly, i.e. put the money in the hands of the people who will spend it, instead of dumping the people charged with overseeing stimulus funding. If a cruise line that doesn’t pay taxes here want aid, make registration here a condition of that age.

Instead of touting an unproven medicine as a cure because of an investment, instead of complaining about the nation’s governors looking to Washington for some assistance instead of shunning 1 million tests from the World Health Organization, instead of complaining about the questions asked at press briefings, it would be great if he saw the whole board, but time and time again, he does not, he’s too busy looking in the mirror.

Government should be a place where everybody comes together, and nobody gets left behind








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