About Our Author

Here I am!!

Here is a little bit about me, a veritable mishagas of information, not unlike myself.

Name: Michael Powers

Location: Buffalo, NY (no we really don’t get as much snow as the new’s people would like you to think.)

Sex: umhm…what do you think?

Height: 6′2″

Weight: Yes!

Languages: English, Gibberish, Profanity and Nonsense

What I do: Many things! In my day job, I do whatever I can to help my company get noticed in all the proper marketing, public relations, advertising and social media spectrums, with a little bit of business development and sponsorship on the side. I also act on the event staff for that big sports arena downtown for hockey games and other events (fun seeing the productions of all kinds coming together.  If you want to know more you can email me at mspowers@roadrunner.com

Other nonsense that you probably won’t care about…..but you’ll probably read anyway.

Ambitions: To travel the world under my own terms!

Why I could never be Prime Minister of Canada or President of The United States: Makes you go grey and I don’t need help in that department.

Virtues: Too Numerous to list, yeah, right, but I’m polite to my mom.

Vices: Sleeman‘s Honey Brown Lager, Dark Chocolate Aero Bars, Blueberry Pie from Becker Farms (I’ll stop there as I’m not sure what that says about me).

Fav Musicians: Any of you who know me…know that Springsteen is my all time favorite, although the last album was a stinker

Ever sit in front of pc or even a typewriter with a blank slate sitting in front of you? You have to create something, but you got nothing. Happens a lot, especially when your livelihood plays a roll. During the deconstruction of the Aud, I wandered down one night to have a look and take a few pictures. There was enough left of the structure that before too long, I was writing in my head (which is probably where some of my subsequent entries probably should have stayed) and this little enterprise was born. And you thought the poetry of the Volgons was an troublesome issue.

This blog doesn’t have a set focus yet, other than what is on my mind: Sports, Politics, music, the sitcom that is life in New York State or a review of a restaurant with a nicely poured pint. I think you will agree that all of those are important and I’ll attack them all in no particular order.  Our author, dear reader, still fantasizes about being an entertaining writer despite almost 23 years  in various marketing, public relations, communications, and other promotional gigs. There may still be something genuine to be said after all that hype yet.

He is working the best gig ever, single, curious, interested and owns way too many Springsteen bootlegs. A Clarence native, he graduated the 1982 high school class there and left for the big city after college.  He repeatedly makes the mistake of emotionally investing in the fortunes of the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and New York Mets. And you can see where that has done to him.

The views expressed here are solely the property of the author, as who else might be that unhinged.


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