Can’t Find My Way Home

Apparently there was a youtube contest for people to cover this song some months back, but nothing touches the original voice. I’ve been hearing the phrase a lot over the past few days, so one quick search for Steve Winwood later, yielded this.

The fire crackle made it art.

You’re welcome


Cameras on a Falcon?

This is cool, somehow naturalists got a camera on a peregrine falcon and a goshawk. That must have been a step by itself, but the resulting video will make you say clever things like “gosh.” Watch.

Run Like Hell

Roger Waters is a freaking genius. His current tour of The Wall is a sight. I was in the audience for the Buffalo stop and it was a a complete show, literally, flawless sound, the erection and destruction of the Wall, complete with updated graphics from the old Pink Floyd animator. The first view of the model airplane crashing into the “Wall” served notice that this wasn’t just any rock concert. This wasn’t a rock concert in the traditional sense as the performance was of just the entirety of The Wall, the legendary Pink Floyd album created by Waters. It was one of those albums that we all had, but there was no sense of nostalgia in the playing of the 30 year old album as a performance piece.

The show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

From waiting for the “Construction” to the performances of songs that are so familar

Comfortably Numb

In the end, the Wall did come down, but it was a glorious end. Even my Iphone had a good time.

This video is from Boston a few nights ago, but it gives you an idea

Great show, catch the tour if you can.

Absolutely the Last Airbender

or so we could hope. Had all the ingredients to escape the heat and humidity at the movies, a couple of passes, popcorn, drinks, an obligation free late afternoon and the great company of my terrific 12 year old son. At his request, we were going to check out “The Last Airbender.” Since I’m never too far from my inner 12 year old, I thought why not? M. Night Shamaylan, who better allow for a typo on his name, has made a few decent films in his time.

Sadly, this was not one of them. The beginning was fine, the end came at the appropriate time, but they were exceedingly far apart. A quasi-mystical story laden with some decent CGI imagery couldn’t cover up for the craptastic product being display before our rapidly reddening eyes.

The movie ended with one of those screaming for a sequel in 2013 endings. I mused “hmmm” outloud and my lovely boy in perfect deadpan allowed instantly thereafter how “Yeah, that really sucked.” Funniest line of the whole experience.

Another Anniversary of Note

While Abbey Road’s release was an occasion worth mentioning, one of the most entertaining, innovative, seminal and ridiculously influential TV shows in the history of history, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” debuted on BBC1 Monday, Oct. 5, 1969, at 10:55 p.m.*

Growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, the comedy powerhouse of WNED brought Friday night as a must see tv with an episode of Dave Allen, a Fawlty Towers, but it was a night primarily for Python.

I think both my Dad and younger sister can still quote this one line for line.

I know I still can. I think I might have done my job as a parent when my daughters wanted to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail recently.

Let’s wrap it up with some music.

*credit to Ain’t it Cool News for that bit of verse

Adventures on the Mothership

I made the trek to Thursday in the Square for the first and probably only time this year last week for George Clinton and Parliment/Funkadelic. This had been one of the more stressful work weeks in recent memory. A few things went right Thursday. I signed a couple sponsors for the Zoo, and thought I deserved to kick back a little. A few years ago, the geniuses at Buffalo Place, in an effort to sell more stuff, made the TATS concerts all ages. That resulted in some folks being there for the music, but more were there to say they were there. That is an affliction with many Darien Lake shows in my memory.

Nice part about the Clinton show is that it kept the posers to a minimum. The inherent groovyness of a P/Funk show brought more folks down for the music. There were a lot of folks who thought those outdoor chairs had a place. It was a great vibe. It was very crowded, but people were very respectful and careful, looking out for one another. This doesn’t happen at your typical Thursday in the Square program. Nice to see. After strolling to get a good view for “Flashlight” and “We Got the Funk,” I was a happy guy, thinking fondly of how I got my son pumped up for school by “We Want the Bus, gotta catch that bus.” I think they played for almost 3 1/2 hours, but around 8, I had my fill.

I walked down a little down by the M&T building and grabbed a snack from one of the vendors, where I had a great view of old artvoice banner featuring Steve Christie that is hanging from the former Bon-Ton store. He last played for the Bills in the late 90s, so the banner has been sitting up there for a decade plus, which is good guess as to how long it has been since the store had any kind of tenant. Taylor’s? what folly. You look a little to your left and gaze full into the depression that is Main Place Mall. One of the windows even had a cynically placed “Good Bye” in their window from the last merchant to close there.

Renewed optimism and intense fatalism within a few hundred feet of one another. There have been a few prospects for the Bon-Ton store. One of the charter schools was interested in the building, until the then Masiello administration kaboshed that, scared that that might actually bring people downtown, admittedly little people, but they are usually driven by bigger people. I think the mayor was holding out for another terrific project like our thriving Bass Pro store due to open half past not bloody likely.

Perhaps Buffalo Place and the Mall owner should get together a little more, because whatever the existing plan might be, that stuff ain’t working. You’d think some restaurant type would be interesting in even making some summer bucks off that long patio that works around the south end of the building.

They keep waiting for some magic bullet, one big project to make all the difference, while the bicycle ice cream dude gets persecuted for waiting to sell me a dreamcicle. Look at Elmwood, Hertel and select sections of Main St. It’s the little things that flower into big things. Making the smaller tasks easier to do can add up to the big projects. I don’t want to live next to Bass Pro, but it is nice to know I can walk to Zillycakes.