Mock the Vote

“They say statesmen are politicians who’ve been dead for 20 years. I’d like it if we try to be statesmen right now” – President Jed Bartlett.

Actually Aaron Sorkin wrote it, but it sounded cooler when Martin Sheen‘s voice brought it to life. The quote occured to me during the Presidential wrestlemania, er, second debate. It was riveting tv to be sure, but it was lousy politics and worse discussion. The repeated grousing about time was unbecoming both gentlemen. If you look to that for substance or to make your mind up, it wasn’t to be had.

They obviously aren’t fond of one another. I wasn’t crazy about the Governor interrupting the President or scolding.

It’s a crappy example to set, but so is the foolishness over making hay about the “Binders” comment. Nothing furthers the discussion. Much as been made about the Benghazi discussion where the Governor was factchecked live and proven incorrect. While I admire the President’s buck stops here speech that followed, folks are still getting hung up on things that don’t matter. None of the recent nitpicking on when and what to label it matters and nobody should be making their minds up out of the generalities that made up the bulk of the theater of the absurd.

If you have your guy now, that’s cool. I just wish the candidates would realize that and tell us specifics.  Don’t let media manufactured dreck rule the day.

Talk to us like adults, maybe, we’ll even act the part.

For a moment


Not for Nothing

Being a fan of both “Sports Night” and “The West Wing“, I was curious to see what Aaron Sorkin might do with “The Newsroom” and being on HBO. I bought HBO late to see it, but I’m all caught up and there is an awful lot of recycled bits from other shows. They were decent bits, but, dude. So, the six episodes I’ve seen are an uneven mishmosh and I’m sure a little unrealistic, with all the tantrums, blackberry hurling, and people punching monitors. So, they haven’t had a good episode, but they’ve had some cool moments. Sam Waterston is making the show for me as the head of the news division. He threatens to beat the crap out of somebody almost every episode and you almost think he could pull it off. In the episode that aired tonight, between a tired gag about an accidentally stoned anchor and another lame arc about office dating, Waterston’s character led a dialogue about getting the facts right, that that was more important about being first. Suddenly the show had some gravitas again, it was that good.

So, I’ll see it through, as I sort of want to see where this is all going, and if Joshua Malina is going to turn up, but for the occasional moment like this.

That ain’t perfect either (“acted like men”?), but it’s nice to have something other than tape delayed Olympic coverage of stuff twitter told me about earlier in the day.