Leave a little room for cream….

It’s funny what you notice on the ride to work. I work just off Delaware Park and on the nice days, the park road is flooded with fresh air types doing a lap of the park. The thing that sticks with me is that all these folks believe they are parking land yachts and they fill the spots closest to the entrance, dropping the car the moment they get on the property. I wouldn’t care but that is close to my work place so I do an unplanned lap trying to get to my office. Wouldn’t it make make sense to park near the exit since you’ll be, ya know, leaving???

Some of these folks need refreshers on parallel parking.

Try to be local when I get coffee, but I sometimes wonder what planet the Spot kids are on. Went in this morning and got a tankard of the house blend. I was told I was all set. The tankards are nearly $2.00. I don’t really care that the cashier kept my six cents without apology but it threw me off. I picked up my coffee, which was almost what I ordered, but not quite. None of it was anything to get worked up about, but it was enough little things that “not quite” seemed to sum the whole episode up. “Was it a good cup of coffee?” “Not quite.”

I haven’t been a regular devotee of the 11:30 nightly shows for sometime. I’ve always liked David Letterman, been to the show a few times, etc. I don’t dislike Jay Leno, but it was never important to me. I did tune in to see Conan O’brien’s debut at the helm of the Tonight Show. He did fine. Much gets made unnecessarily about what plays at 12:30 versus 11:30. Nice to see him not turn into a hack.

Canada is off the hook for a few weeks. Spent my last little bit o change and got the passport ordered. I needed one but the border crossings law seems more of a money grab than anything to keep us safe. There are still large parts of the Canadian and Mexican borders that have nothing on them at all. In my mind, these have always been two separate issues instead of one blanket problem. I say this being fairly confident that if there is a Ft. Erie Al-Queda cell, it has to be in a deep sleep. I think the greater risk is the economies of Western New York and Southern Ontario. The days of the impulse trip for Chinese Food or even to the beach are done. This is gesture for gesture sake. As George Carlin pointed out about airport security, “This was all done to make the white people feel safe.”

This white guy feels about the same as before.

Really enjoyed the Dave Matthews concert on FUSE last night. It’s fun to see a huge act take on a small show. Last time I got to see them it was from the 5th or 6th row. Seeing them push themselves in a small venue like the Beacon Theater made up for the fact that I couldn’t motivate myself to get a Coldplay ticket. Love the band, hate Darien Lake as a concert venue. Props to Ch. 2 in Buffalo. One of their web folks pointed a link to a spot the band had set aside to download the free live album concertgoers got handed to them.

Watching DMB made me wonder if any person enjoys their work as much as DMB drummer Carter Beauford.

Off to celebrate the fact as of today I am the parenthood of an 18 year old. My darling daughter was born on this date at 8:42 p.m., a date that seems like it happened yesterday. I have lots of twenty and thirty something friends who say crap about feeling so old or that makes them feel so old. Shut the fuck up all of you. When your child is raiding your record collection, when her senior banquet is at one of the bars you frequent, when you both pick out Thursday in the Square shows, then you can make some claim to feeling a little old.

Good thing I still got the looks.