Hard Not to Fret

I worry.

I worry not that Todd Akin is apparently really dumb, but that apparently dumb polls apparently  okay.  He was mindblowingly stupid in the now famous soundbite, but what is scary is that when even the less than progressive GOP says go away, there are still people who will rationalize his statements and mindblowingly, still vote for him.

I refer you here for more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-maher/todd-akin-republicans_b_1826617.html

Bill can be a jerk, but he is also right in this instance.

Incredible (if ever there was time to vote for anybody but, this is it)

I worry.

With shootings in New York and Chicago of the mass variety within the past 24 hours, what are the odds the NRA admits that we might have a gun problem.

Let’s pause for a moment:

A vicar was booking into a Hotel, he asks the receptionist, “I trust the pornography channel is disabled, young man”
“No, it’s just regular porn, you filthy Bastard!” Replied the receptionist.

Okay, where was I

Oh, yeah, got three different pieces of mail, all by 9 x 12 inch glossy post cards from the same candidate for the state assembly, all rich in detail over his dislike for his opponent. This bothers me because in these days which most cable news having unfettered bias of some type, we have a woefully underinformed group of voters. People aren’t consuming information nearly as fast as they are sucking up rhetoric. And you should be concerned at that. I’d like the presidential and vice presidential candidates and all their minions, talking heads, synchophants and hangers on to forget about who they are running against and consider a question: “You get four years, what are you gonna do with them?” I have this idealized notion that when somebody will run for an office and tell us why we should vote for them, not why we shouldn’t vote for the other guy.

I worry.

Just lock out and get about fixing hockey, please.

Need a sign a progress somewhere.


Government Gridlock and other Evils.

Maybe I’m naive, or perhaps my attention span was on the fritz back in the day, but it seems like Democrats and Republicans used to have impassioned debate for the greater good. Discussions used to take place refining an act. Sometimes riders came out nowhere for political means for sure, but it doesn’t seem like we were always in the “Our party good, their party bad” routine that we are now.

I don’t know if that went by the wayside when we moved in the era of the never-ending newscycle, that we are all speaking in soundbite or what exactly the deal is. I have never been a big fan of straight party anything because that isn’t the key to anything. Having a little bit of both sides has always felt like what results in our politicians being leaders, getting things done, taking care of the “people’s business.”

Obviously the collection of stuffed shirts that make up the State Senate don’t feel compelled to work together. My folks split the difference with one registering as a democrat, the other a republican. I forget who is who these days. The point is (and I say this as a registered democrat) that there are smart people and frigging morons in both parties. The sad part is that despite the absolutely fucked up budgeting process earlier this year and the hysterics of the past month, the State Senators have yet to realize that they need each other. Sadder still is the fact that despite their continued wasting of our money, it’s unlikely anybody is going to pay for this transgression except constituents. Dale Volker talks down to us. Bill Stachowski is a study in excuses and the mothership can’t seem to get a good signal on Antoine Thompson to take him home.

Guys, we have been taxed and screwed to the point where nobody wants to move into the State and those who want to leave can’t afford to. That’s thoroughly screwing things. That takes talent. I’m almost anticipating a few democrats joining the republicans just to get stuff done. These idiots are election proof and they know it. They are actively hurting those who they claim to represent.

It is almost ache-inducing to see such self-interest and stupidity played on on such an epic level. The demand for pay for their inactivity is what makes that art.

Politics should be retail or like Tip O’neill said “local,” but our Senators aren’t even on the planet at the moment and that is the tragedy.

T-Bags and D-Bags

Apparently history started on January 20th of this year. Such is collective memory of most of the GOP. The tea party concept is such a reach for a form of protest, considering a lot of it hasn’t happened yet and some of what they are protesting was done by their president.

I like the complaint that President Obama is writting a check that their grandchildren will be paying off with economic stimulus package. I would tell these naysayers that it’s because their children are paying off the Iraq War. No deficit is ever a good thing, but we went from considerable surplus to triple billion dollar debt for the Iraq War. The same administration launched the bank bailout, without much in place for a tracking program to follow the money. That last fact was even admitted to by a few Bush acolytes.

It seems like short-term memory has set in, and otherwise knowledgeable folk are glomming on to soundbites to fuel their outrage. People are screaming socialism because talking heads spewed that phrase, conveniently leaving out the definition. Others heard redistribute the wealth and think that means they are losing out. Louis CK is right, things are indeed amazing, but people seem to prefer uninformed misery.

There wasn’t any outrage on the conservative side with the bungling of Katrina, the contrived excuses for war, even the craptastic bailouts of Henry Paulson, but actually investing in our own country, instead of some other Haliburton territory has them up in arms.

I remember when agendas worked together to a greater refined policy. Now, with the networks even taking stances, every argument is doomed to alienate somebody before it is ever uttered. I miss the days of my Dad explaining the reason my folks watched John Chancellor was that John reported the news without getting too worked up, they got the news and if needbe a nap as well.