In the Sufferin’ Madness


A Power failure got a round of applause at the Sabres Wild game on Monday evening. Being a life long hockey fan, it’s easy to see why. It hasn’t exactly been a stellar start for the home team. More empty blue chairs showed for a game that was most noticeable for the former captain, Jason Pominville, scoring the winning goal. Maybe the Sabres should have shown his Ottawa goal and said welcome back. Sometimes, you got to do things for just to be a good guy.

The brief power failure was a metaphor.

On other ice fronts, Pat Kaleta got ten games for a hit and part of the reason for the punishment was the history. That is some twisted logic, because he’s been suspended by the same myopic system before, this punishment should be different. Punishment fit the crime, there, NHL. I’m not saying he’s a choir boy, but Phil Kessel repeated assaulted a Sabre with his stick and got three preseason games. I’m not arguing Kaleta was innocent, but a set standard would be a refreshing change of pace.

This is a great sport, but the people who run it don’t always seem to like it much.

The upshot of all of that is that it had me paying more attention to the baseball playoffs. Much like the Baltimore Orioles last year, it was fun to see the Pirates be in the playoffs after a long absence. Tv execs are praying for Boston to win today I’m sure for another Boston/St. Louis World Series.

Go Sox, there I said it.


My tv made my chest hurt

Playoff hockey is the bestest!

There I said it. Ain’t this fun? I never would have thought the Sabres would have made it this far in talking Hockey back in December.

It is a hoot in general. I’m getting a kick out of watching how Nathan Gerbe is getting under the Flyers‘ skin, how Tyler Myers is playing even taller and how Ryan Miller shut everybody up with a stellar performance including that robbery of old friend Daniel Briere.

Enjoying the ride and I’m looking forward to being late for dinner on Sunday to go work at Game Six. It has been the best of the playoff series thus far, but I sort of think whoever wins, might just be too spent to go much further.

(from the Buffalo News)

That said, I’m looking forward to working the Sunday game. The arena doesn’t always have the pulse that the Aud did, but occasionally the personality, the buzz is palpable. That feeling of shared excitement makes friends out of complete strangers, and being part of something bigger than you is well, kind of cool.

So, yeah, Jason Pominville, when the powerplay stinks up the joint for five whole minutes, we’ll voice displeasure. When the refs are befuddling, (to both teams), we might make some sounds as well.

This all bodes well for the future, not only for the good vibes coming from the new ownership, but the way the young guys are finding their games and making the building shake in the process. And last night, made the guys across the courtyard in my apartment building nearly scream both their flat screens off the wall.

It’s all part of the fun, cuz I don’t give an expletive either.