The Big Bang

Social Media statuses are apparently like assholes and opinions in everybody has em. I try to think of something clever or funny to pop into mine, when I remember to say, well, anything. As the Vice-President speaks with a variety of publics and Governor Cuomo got a new set of laws on the books today, there has been an awful lot of shouting from the digital soapboxes. That actually is fine. That is kind of the point, to be able say what you are thinking, but I sometimes wonder if we are all thinking hard enough.

I had a discussion about all of this with my best childhood bud not too long ago and despite being on different sides of the issue, we’re able to agree that it is pretty complex. There are an awful lot of folks having fits about their second amendment rights being impeded, but many of these same folks don’t read past the word “arms.” The amendment does go on for a few words beyond that. The hard reality is that this is only part of the problem, but it is the easiest one to seize on. With the law today in New York State, I’m not sure what the difference is between 10 bullets and 7, but it would be good for the purchase process to be the sameĀ  all the way through. I don’t want your gun. But it should be the same process to get one.

Does that stop the wrong people from getting ahold of one? Not entirely, of course not. That’s silly, too. But as much as I like some action being taken, the state did fast track the new law rather quickly. We need to see the whole board.

Armour piercing bullets for some hunters? Hmm, I don’t know. Ak=17’s that can tear body parts apart.

There has been too much happening lately to not at least talk, and park the rhetoric.

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There’s an awful lot to consider and no internet meme will ever sufficiently sum up.