It didn’t occur to anybody to dub the murder hornets….Buzzkill?

In other news, why, for the love of god, why do such horses patoots like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham keeps their seats in Washington? Both stupidly bitched on twitter about enhanced unemployment has taken aware incentive to work. Apparently it is okay in their eyes to hand billions to airlines, cruise ships and Trump properties but hand $525 to ensure somebody stays in his home and puts that money BACK out into the economy unlike those organizations is an egregious sin. Both used to have spines, backbones, but apparently they only represent the people who blindly obey them.

Why isn’t the Trump administration working like the Trudeau one and investing in people first? I mean banks, cruise lines, airlines all need customers. It’s not that the Congress and the administration can’t help more, they just choose not to. In a world where multimillion dollar steak houses and pro basketball teams somehow qualify for small business protection loans, government should be one of the places where people should come together and no one should be left behind, but that apparently isn’t so.

The president is quoted as saying too much testing for corona virus looks weak. How can that be? Are the optics of 80,000 dead and rising better? How about just doing the right thing just one time? People shouldn’t be regarded as expendable. This has been a tortuous period for my parents  My mom’s health has declined that nursing home care is needed and the weeks of no visitors has only exacerbated her dementia struggles, which in turn eats at my dad because he can’t see her or fix it. I didn’t realize that when the president says wanting to make America great again that actual Americans weren’t part of that equation. But by all means, it’s important to get Starbucks open (hopefully sarcasm translates).

Why does Michael Flynn get a pass after twice pleading guilty? Nothing like selective rule of law.

Why does it take a national outcry and a viral video to be released to get justice for a man who was guilty of nothing aside from exercising while black? And I’m pretty sure you can’t yell self defense when the gun you brought does the work.

Why is it okay to run up the federal deficit to give folks who don’t need tax cuts said tax cuts but when it comes to helping actual people who have to put their money back “out there” a little additional assistance, suddenly congress folk of the republican persuasion get conservative?

Lest this be totally a governmental whine, did the release of the National Football League’s planned 2020 schedule really need a 3 hour show? Are we that sports starved?

Given that absolutely nothing has been released, can every producer who decides on a “What Football will look like segment” stop running those segments until we actually know what football will look like? Segments devoid of anything but guess work don’t really help anything but fill air time.

Are we really in this together? A random internet jamoke lectured an actual reporter on covid statistics with the sentiment of “Let this sink In.” Pretty sure news personnel who are proactively trying to cover the covid story don’t need to be told to let things sink in, but thanks random jamoke.

What is it about putting a mask on for safety that caused that dude at Costco to have such a nutty? Sir, Costco wasn’t violating your constitutional rights. Because we are tired of all this doesn’t mean health risks are over and that dipshidiot made me sorry for Costco.

What is it about taking a few steps for safety sake? Some folks were privileged jerks pre pandemic I guess.

Why would Congressman Tom Reed, who thankfully isn’t mine, suggest a stimulus package for essential workers only? He didn’t define essential workers and I don’t think gets the point of stimulus packages. You don’t dole them out as thank yous, you put them in place to get people to spend it on goods and services which get business going. Most folks who’ve their work due to shutdowns (Including myself) lost because of virus shutdowns and as a result living paycheck to paycheck got even dicier. Yes, everybody from the incredible nurses to the admission clerks are on the front lines and making money to be sure, so Congressman, push for the wages that never stopped to be increased, realize that hospitals finally got some coverage in the last package.

So how come Trump and the rest of the folks at the White House aren’t just letting herd immunization run its course? That’s what they want us to do.