Mock the Vote

“They say statesmen are politicians who’ve been dead for 20 years. I’d like it if we try to be statesmen right now” – President Jed Bartlett.

Actually Aaron Sorkin wrote it, but it sounded cooler when Martin Sheen‘s voice brought it to life. The quote occured to me during the Presidential wrestlemania, er, second debate. It was riveting tv to be sure, but it was lousy politics and worse discussion. The repeated grousing about time was unbecoming both gentlemen. If you look to that for substance or to make your mind up, it wasn’t to be had.

They obviously aren’t fond of one another. I wasn’t crazy about the Governor interrupting the President or scolding.

It’s a crappy example to set, but so is the foolishness over making hay about the “Binders” comment. Nothing furthers the discussion. Much as been made about the Benghazi discussion where the Governor was factchecked live and proven incorrect. While I admire the President’s buck stops here speech that followed, folks are still getting hung up on things that don’t matter. None of the recent nitpicking on when and what to label it matters and nobody should be making their minds up out of the generalities that made up the bulk of the theater of the absurd.

If you have your guy now, that’s cool. I just wish the candidates would realize that and tell us specifics.  Don’t let media manufactured dreck rule the day.

Talk to us like adults, maybe, we’ll even act the part.

For a moment


Space Oddities

“We’ll touch the stars and see the mind of God.” I think it is a Carl Sagan quote, but I remember Martin Sheen‘s President Bartlett say it when talking about space exploration on ‘The West Wing.” The Space Shuttle program finishes today or tomorrow and that is a little sad. I’m old enough to remember being shepherded into the class room that had a television set to watch Apollo landings in grade school. While the shuttle missions weren’t always clear, I was fine with that because if ever there is a place that you should “go for a drive” it is space. We seem to have lost a little something as explorers and to consign further space exploration to private sector commercial vehicles seems like a lot of pressure to put on the Richard Bransons of the world.

Our leaders seem to be spending a lot of time arguing about how to spend our money, wasting a lot of it in the process. Finding things out for the sake of finding them out might read a little vague, but consider, that is how we got stuff like penicillin. Space is one of the areas of universal wonder, and the “space race” yielded knowledge from within all the competition.

It is just a little sad that as explorers, the administration is going to be content with our Astronauts sticking out their thumbs as great cosmic hitchhikers. I hope those hoopy froods know where their towels are.

Don’t Panic

Cleaning Out the Mental Fridge

Just watched the “Two Cathedrals” episode of the West Wing. It was one of the best episodes ever. The Emmys should be embarrassed for not recognizing Martin Sheen for that one. “Feckless thug!” Indeed.

Wines in the Wild is a nice party, but the prep work is exasperatingly hard. The 7:30 a.m. arrival to the 11:00 departure was a reminder that I ain’t as bullet proof as I used to be. I’m tired still from it and the look of concern my daughter had for my appearance today, had me concerned. It’s a little sad that with 50 some vendors of food, the Advil I swallowed was the most necessary.

I really like the Buffalo Bills’ new white throwback jerseys. Those are always a money grab, but the throwbacks look so much nicer than the real deal. I’m fighting the urge to spring for one. I worry that it is a stupid thing to want and that I’m too old to be wearing the shirt of somebody half my age, but dammit, those are actually pretty cool.

Why do people think if they stand in the street staring in the direction of the bus think that that will make the bus appear that much quicker?

Is it possible to have too much pizza in a week? Right now, I don’t think I care. Tomorrow, I require a vegetable.

Ran two events simultaneously today, feeling the side effects, years that belong tom somebody else. My knees are calling me names and who knew they had such potty mouths.

Sitting with a beer in hand, watching the Incredibles, munching on pizza with my son was the most blissful I felt all week.

If you get a chance, check out Great Performances this week. It is celebrating Pete Seeger with a birthday party attending by some of the best in American music from the past 60 years. Worth the investment and the inevitable pledge breaks.

And Hook and Ladder Golden Ale is tasty stuff, worth the money at Wegmans