Whataboutism is a plague that is infesting us.

Instead of addressing given problem at the moment, the first instinct is to not address that, but scream “what about…” This blind, unquestioning faith in one point of view is a pretty dangerous thing. While I look around for my grocery ID, I can’t help but wonder how we got to this point, where it’s about seeing the people who don’t share your views suffer, where nobody is improving anything just how hard to defeat the other guys’ views, that since they don’t line up with mine, they must be bad.  We are fully in an era of power politics, where gossip seems to spread unabated and to quote the former Mayor of New York “Truth isn’t truth.” To think, he’s somebody’s lawyer.

Nobody is ever absolutely right or ever absolutely wrong. Of that, I’m certain.  No party should get everything they seek. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in watching all of our government officials totally bollix a series of issues from the ongoing immigration kerflfuffle to taxes to the courts and beyon. The we’re right, they have to be wrong since you know they don’t agree with me mentality seems to be the tone of the day, of the facebook feed, of everyplace. The parties are less about doing good and more about seeing the other burn. The reality is that they need each other.

I mean, every President has to do things we don’t want to know about, blood on his hands, and doesn’t do every thing a given voter would like. But at the very least, you hope they are seeing the whole board and not just for the mcnuggets.

People write of a divided America or making America….you know….

I think we have always had that division. It’s just louder than it ever has been. I thinking politically it can be traced back to Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton.  The Brett Kavanaugh hearings illustrated power politics to me. Of course, given this president, the nominee presented was going to be a conservative jurist. When they are qualified, advise and consent says you give them their day as in the case of Neil Gorsuch and you confirm them. You might not like it, but that is the job. You don’t do like what the Senate Majority leader did to Merrick Garland and block em because of who nominated them. You don’t audition for Attorney General like Lindsay Graham did, threatening the opposing party’s future nominees. You don’t do these things if you are truly a representative of the people, the folks who voted for you. But McConnell and Graham (and Grassley and the supposed undecideds) aren’t caring about that. What we saw was power politics, party ahead of everything else including things that should concern those who represent the people.

Mr. Che is on to something. That said, I believe her. Senator McConnell screamed for effect that “this is the United States of America, for goodness sakes.” He dared to whine on Kavanaugh’s behalf, conveniently forgetting about blocking Merrick Garland For my money, both parties screwed up. The President doesn’t seemed to concerned as long as he can demonize both Democrats and the media. I guess because he is president, we are supposed to lap up everything being said. It’s power politics, this is what we want and we are going to force it on the masses because we decide.

During all this hysteria, the house voted another tax decrease for the one percent crowd. In the meantime, everybody was looking for people to blame. McConnell, Hatch, Graham showed contempt for citizens who wanted to be a part of the process and have their voices heard, that pesky 1st amendment freedom of speech thingy.

If there is money to be as a paid protestor, sign me up. Dolt that I am, sometimes, I’ve protested because it was thing to to. If there is cash to be had, send me that Craig’s link.

So for them a refresher. This is a peaceful protest where citizens are exercising their free speech.

And this would be your mob.

Like George Carlin said, it’s a big club, but they don’t want us in it. Even though the newest justice didn’t vote on it, voting rights already took a hit. Rand Paul thinks somebody can die because of the current political climate. He forgets folks have.

Just to be sure, one more reminder:

These things blow over? No, Mitch, they don’t. Neither party has much to be proud, but bloviating and threatening the other side isn’t a good look. The media didn’t do its best work during the Kavanaugh hearings, but neither did anybody with Senator in their title. Everybody just wanted to get their way. Not a good look. From the sycophantic nonsense from Ted Cruz, the histrionic audition of Lindsay Graham, to the pointless walk outs by democrats, it was sham, but they were all equal participants. Senators were not under attack like Mitch McConnell whines. They were having to hear from the people they supposedly represent.

And kudos for John Dickerson on CBS for calling out the majority leader on his version of Supreme Court history.

I don’t think we have the heart’s desire, but Mr. Mencken appears to be spot on in the last part. The plain folks are getting rogered even if they don’t care to see it. Another tax cut passed the house while the Senate was misrepresenting us. Everybody’s playing the victim. I think that is calculated. It is a sort of “look at what they are doing” to avoid prying eyes on what you are up to when you say that.

I watch the arguments that mostly take place on Facebook and other channels mostly from the sidelines. No one wants to see the bigger picture, and everybody is falling for the demonization of anything that represents disagreement with their chosen point of view. It’s funny to me that people complain that a given musician or tv show is too political, when those entities have always been so. We should be cool with a little dissent, with a little disagreement. Differing opinions yield a better end product and the voices of our better angels don’t have to be shout. Those who are not really don’t any interests at heart other than their own.

Not the best quality to have in a public servant.

Yeah, vote


Have a Paczki

We need to pause, perhaps, stop and contemplate the world over a pastry. I used to have to go a meeting every few months, that were vicious, stomp on your esteem crushers. It got decidely more civilized when I bought baked goods from Russ’s

So, the Superintendent of Schools would leave our fair city if he has to take a pay cut and get by on just $175,000 a year? Boo-flippin-hoo! It’s funny how everybody speaks of sacrifice until they actually have to do it. The teacher’s union chief won’t talk about cost saving measures without formal contract re negotiations, heaven forbid somebody need some important elective facelifts prior to sitting down at the table.

I suppose a good barometer of everything is that if somebody comes to the press and says “they are working for the children first,” as both of these folks have, there is a good chance that they really aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I think schools should be palaces, good educators should be getting six figure salaries. Highly touted places like City Honors should be the rule, not the exception. But as it has often been pointing, usually with much futility, this thing of ours is broken.

That knowledge seems to escape the folks empowered to doing something about it. Licensing bicycles? That is not even an original stupid idea. Apparently we have to import our insulting concepts, as patronizing ideas can’t afford to be gestated here now.

The downstate assemblyman who thought this was a valid concept? Yikes. I have absolutely no problem paying my fair share, don’t get me wrong. You would like to see it used well, as that would be refreshing. At the heart of that is some ignorance of both his and my part. I don’t pretend to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings there, but to keep coming up with new taxes and new revenue streams to sustain things that plainly aren’t sustainable seems a little suspect to me.

I hear this concept is being withdrawn, but I don’t believe my big wheel is safe yet.

Newt? Really? On the bright side, he is smarter than that reality tv star from Alaska.

McConnell and Boehner (the comedy team that bloviates the same) need time to decide to meet with the President on a matter they supposed wanted dialogue on. What?? If I’m a constituent for either of these guys, I would like to know what they stand for, before another vote gets cast. And they have to tell me without the use of pronouns.

The buffoon of an actor from the decidely average formula sitcom has obscured the goings on in both Wisconsin, Libya and the potential government shutdown. No easy trick, that.

Say what you will about Mobarek, but he was fired, he quit. Khadify thinks he still has a desk. Although we don’t much oil from Libya, like 4% at best, so why did prices go up so far? I want the speculators power for just one day,

Perhaps not everybody merits a microphone, all the time.

Have a Paczki and chill