This is a pretty amazing look over Niagara Falls. As its creator notes in on youtube, only folks to get this look were anybody who went over or Nik Wallenda. Only decent pics I have ever seen from a helicopter were ones my brother took on tourist rides. This chopper couldn’t accommodate passengers.

It is deeply cool

Good job, questpact


Dumb Ass Liberal

It’s funny how fast things can turn negative, like we don’t want to listen to each other. On a friend’s facebook status last night, a discussion about a know nothing radio guest turned into a “brawl.” Another poster said something about the guest was just a “Dumbass liberal” and you call them names they can’t take it.

Being a dumb ass liberal, I pointed out that he should be careful, language like that could make him sound like a “long time listener, first time caller.” Instead he seized on “Careful, of what, see point proved!”

I pointed out that I was kidding, making fun of talk show callers. He insisted he was too, but going for terms like dumbass in generalities doesn’t suggest that.

It resonated with me as some were upset that during Nik Wallenda’s walk, Mr. Wallenda was praying while he walked. I’m not a devout anything, but I admire that. Considering what he was doing at the time, talking to God ahead of making small talk with ABC announcers made sense.

It seems like everybody is for freedom of speech until it actually gets used. It’s a little weird that instead of celebrating diversity, it’s currently the in thing to ridicule it and placidly just watch. Vaguely stated slams seeming resonate and I don’t know what you do about that. Mitt Romney says the President is politicizing a given issue. There is a faction of viewers who murmur in agreement. Just once, I’d like to see somebody respond with, “Of course, it’s an election year, you can’t fart without it being a political statement.”

The original complainer at the top of the page probably should changed the station. Your faith is a personal thing. I respect that. An office mate and I couldn’t be any further apart on matters religious or political, but we get along fine, because disagreeing civily is a good thing, Occasionally you can learn something.

These Boots were made for walkin’

by his momma.

I readily admit, it was pretty cool to see Nik Wallenda succeed and even attempt his walk across Niagara Falls last night. It was pretty easy to be snarky about all the hype, the buildup and especially the blathering from the commentators from ABC.

In all fairness to them, they did break the story of the fact that the water in the Niagara mist was indeed “wet.” The visuals were impressive, the falls looked great and many instances, less would have been more on the analysis front from the ABC folk.

It’s hard not be taken with the images, like this one from the  Buffalo News. I respect Mr. Wallenda’s abilities even more so, watching him not only do this, but talk both with the commentators and his dad. There would have been times I might have asked everybody to “shaddup, I’m a little busy” with all the verbal back and forth. But maybe that’s how you stay centered walking uphill on a wet wire into Canada. It should be noted that he made better time than some Rainbow Bridge commuters.

Wallenda proved to be a skilled athlete and a real nice guy, calling grandma was a nice touch. I’m sure the “stumble” in Baltimore was a bit of hype, got to keep ’em watching, but the run to the finish last night was pretty good. I had made a few jokes on twitter how roller skates or hopping would be really awesome too.

Aside from admiring the thesaurus laden commentary from the commentators, the incredible feat itself (“I just walked to Canada and boy, are my arms tired”), it can be easy to read to much into one event. Probably isn’t going to change folks perspectives of the American Falls too much, but to get a few thousand more folks to the American side on a Friday evening is a good thing.

I was driving home from a wedding reception and purposely took the Moses Parkway so it would take me back through Niagara Falls proper and it was nice to see things lively on an early sunday night. Hopefully, more folks are thinking about how nice it can be and might take a visit..because it’s there.

I think I’ll go for a walk outside

As a news anchor, Ch. 7’s Keith Radford makes a pretty good photographer. Of all the many images making the rounds on the internets of Nik Wallenda and the high wire walk across the Falls, this is one of the cooler ones to emerge. It sure beats the shadow and “Walk into History” graphic that another station is using. I wish Mr. Wallenda all the best, hope it’s great show, but am personally kind of meh about the whole thing.

I’m sure he’ll do fine. The ruckus about a safety harness has the feel of manufactured drama to me as no sponsor spokespeople have appeared before microphones, not that there is any shortage of those.

I wonder more about the other hazards like: without proper id, will customs make him walk back? Will he have anything to declare?

Or will any harness actually cause some issues?

Either way, like everybody else, I’ll watch, won’t pay money for a “free” tioket on Craig’s list, when my tv will do.

“I’m thinkin’…

and my head hurts.” — Yosemite Sam

I’m feeling a bit like a bad Western New Yorker as I’m not all that excited for the spectacle of Nik Wallenda‘s walk across Niagara Falls. Of course, I’ll probably watch. But the hubbub over a sponsor insisted upon harness smells less like a safety notion and more like a built in chance for a dramatic “releasing of the harness” when it is “too late.” I have all the respect in the world for his abilities, especially when heights and I, well, have an understanding. But, I also know the pole he carries isn’t there for ornamentation, ya dig.

That, and I’m pretty sure the “Slip” in Baltimore was part of the show.


I was told about a ted ex talk that ted ex apologized for and it’s been on my mind as house GOP folk want to throw more incentives as companies who aren’t hiring and sitting on their cash. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make it easier on people who actually spend their money. The Ted ex speaker mentioned that business leaders he talked to weren’t going to produce more, cost less, hire until there was a demand. So, foster the demand, folks. It seems to me the GOP folk are attacking the problem from the wrong side, again. That and the Ted Ex folks shouldn’t have apologized. The GOP hardballers all want part of that Reagan legacy. They forget he spent and invested to get the economy going again.

And he probably wouldn’t get elected today.



The Pittsburgh Pirates are only a couple games out of it in June? that’s kind of cool.


Smartest and funniest bit of baseball witticism I’ve heard this season wasn’t said by me, but a brilliant Yankee fan/friend of mine. An ad touted an upcoming meeting between the Yankees and Mets with all the titles they have won, which my friend compared to the amount of money he and Bill Gates have together. (the Mets not being big winners, for the unitiated)


Notice we are all clear on Mitt Romney‘s view of the President, but it concerns me that he both hasn’t said what he would do different and that nobody has asked him that very question.

A little alarming, I tells ya. Let’s not be sheep folks. If somebody yells about “getting this economy moving again,” make him say how


I bypassed the annual art show that traditionally kicks off the summer time. That didn’t stop the ubiquitous shepard’s crook planters from being visible as I’d watch a few folks head back up the street. I just wish the presenting organization wasn’t such bullies to prospective merchants. I remember them having the former Java Temple owner cited for selling drinks out of her own storefront. One of the food trucks posted a map of the turf dubbed the territory of the show and that just seems petty. There are plenty of wallets to go around folks, can’t we all just get along?