“Relax, somebody will buy em”

Somewhere, there is a guy counting money, chuckling, after having to convince his boss that the following was a good idea

I think I would have settled for a t-shirt or pin, myself. Curling Stone is not a look I foresee me being able to rock


“46 and I just don’t care”

Turned 46 two weeks ago. That isn’t a terribly momentous notion, but it felt like a sudden funk came on. After a combining the Super Bowl with dinner with the folks (I’m all about efficiency) and a tension laden celebre at work (my colonoscopy was more fun and had better drugs), I had some laughs with my lovely children and their lovely mom which is how I guess it should. After briefly sitting shiva for my disippating youth, I got to back to work addressing the bigger questions:

like why couldn’t Jon and Kate plus imitate the American Chopper family and quit the show to fix the family?

Conversely, remember when TLC was more that just dysfunctional families yelling at each other? (my new personal favorite is the Cake Boss crew).

Why is the governor thinking of closing all the state parks (i.e. the one sure moneymaker he has)?

Why is Tiger Woods apologizing to me on many networks when he really should be working on that with his family?

Can the Today show be more difficult to watch than it has been during the Winter Olympics? The games are a lot of fun, but NBC can make a person crazy with how they want to maximize their prime time dollars as well as integrate Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann into the athlete’s village. Sure, the canadian networks are homers, but they know how to cover sport. NBC’s hockey coverage can be a little uncomfortable so when I plan to sit down to Canada vs. the US tomorrow, I’ll be watching via CTV to best see the game restricting promos for what for what I’ll see later.

Can the snow leave after the powder keg festival/pond hockey next weekend? I’m ready for spring.

A work benefit yielded a six pack of irish red ale from Dundee, two of which accompanied dinner last night, which was followed rather quickly by the most pleasant nap.

Have a nice weekend

“Starting in Goal…”

Buoyed by the re-airing of the Top Gear episode centering on the Winter Olympics, I’m looking forward to some things and cringing at others. During a recent Sabres-Leafs game, the camera panned the Leaf bench centering on Coach Ron Wilson. Given the way the Leafs were playing that night, I was suddenly a little afraid for Ryan Miller. The Olympic Hockey tourney makes for some fun games, but ever since the NHL populace has taken over, the excitement for me isn’t there.

The Sabres have shown some signs of life, mostly thanks to Ryan Miller. Pat Lalime’s recent streak shows that we really don’t have to sweat the occasional night off for Ryan. And he’ll need some as this year’s team MVP.

He is dressing for the occasion:

Looks suitably bad ass for the games, but I’m hoping he’s able to save some for the Senators, ya know.

Monday footnotes

Didn’t have to be anywhere yesterday, so I wasn’t. The weather was so god awful, I didn’t feel real guilty about it. Thought that if the laundry facilities in the basement were free, church was going to have to wait. It did. I came, I saw, I laundered. It was good thing, got caught up on some the hard work that my DVR had been doing during the week.

With the local professional football team having me consider becoming a CFL fan with their epic badness, I appreciated the BBC showing a handful of episodes of “Top Gear,” easily the most fun car show ever. Between laundry loads, I caught the pilot for “Eastwick” which shows a little promise. The people who used to make “Scrubs” are split between “Cougartown” and something with Patricia Heaton, which was so memorable I dove back into my book pile for save my intellect while the Bills continued to hurt my feelings. The Mets are done, but they at least took all season. The Bills took new efficiency to their ineptness, destroying all hope in just 25% of the schedule.

Got a reminder about age this weekend. I went with a friend to support her daughter bartending at a bar on Chippewa. The idea of me on Chippewa on a Saturday night is pretty comical now. Chippewa needs an old man bar back to balance the trade and a well-poured pint for those of us watching the people fest. Anyway The bar’s owners are depending on the bartenders to bring in the trade. There’s a recipe for long term success (please note sarcasm). She did fine, only problem was an owner giving her cues as to when to this or that. Dude, let the employees do the jobs you hired them for, there is plenty of time to run the bar into the ground. She has the right attitude, get some experience and bolt for better surroundings with time. The bar itself caters to the early drinker/just out of college crowd, so I felt a little out of place, not nearly as much as the skeevy perv who sat at the bar all night, eyeing the bartenders, but a merry time was had. It gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for the Old Pink.

got a twitter account and some of the followers make sense (including some of you nice folk), others I have no idea who the hell some of them are. That along with the fact that “Follow Friday” is all the rage and I don’t know the point of that have left me a little bumfuzzled. If I’m to be collected, there better be something in it for me. Am I endanger of not “Getting” a trend in all things dorklike? The horror

Maybe it was because summer was such a nonstarter, but it seems like comfort food season got here quicker than usual.

I think it is great Rio got the 2016 Olympics. It’s good for it to move around as that is the true Olympic spirit. I’m a little confused at the amount of people who rooted for Chicago’s failure simply because the President tried to help the cause (like leaders too). I understand, hell I respect, polite disagreement, but this sniveling resentment is a crappy lesson to exhibit. It’s a crappy example to set and makes me think Maureen O’dowd had a point a few weeks ago in writing that there is a faction of the population that had just lost its collective shit about the current office holder. Lousy state of affairs.

Where my head is at the moment.