Hard Not to Fret

I worry.

I worry not that Todd Akin is apparently really dumb, but that apparently dumb polls apparently  okay.  He was mindblowingly stupid in the now famous soundbite, but what is scary is that when even the less than progressive GOP says go away, there are still people who will rationalize his statements and mindblowingly, still vote for him.

I refer you here for more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-maher/todd-akin-republicans_b_1826617.html

Bill can be a jerk, but he is also right in this instance.

Incredible (if ever there was time to vote for anybody but, this is it)

I worry.

With shootings in New York and Chicago of the mass variety within the past 24 hours, what are the odds the NRA admits that we might have a gun problem.

Let’s pause for a moment:

A vicar was booking into a Hotel, he asks the receptionist, “I trust the pornography channel is disabled, young man”
“No, it’s just regular porn, you filthy Bastard!” Replied the receptionist.

Okay, where was I

Oh, yeah, got three different pieces of mail, all by 9 x 12 inch glossy post cards from the same candidate for the state assembly, all rich in detail over his dislike for his opponent. This bothers me because in these days which most cable news having unfettered bias of some type, we have a woefully underinformed group of voters. People aren’t consuming information nearly as fast as they are sucking up rhetoric. And you should be concerned at that. I’d like the presidential and vice presidential candidates and all their minions, talking heads, synchophants and hangers on to forget about who they are running against and consider a question: “You get four years, what are you gonna do with them?” I have this idealized notion that when somebody will run for an office and tell us why we should vote for them, not why we shouldn’t vote for the other guy.

I worry.

Just lock out and get about fixing hockey, please.

Need a sign a progress somewhere.


“I’m thinkin’…

and my head hurts.” — Yosemite Sam

I’m feeling a bit like a bad Western New Yorker as I’m not all that excited for the spectacle of Nik Wallenda‘s walk across Niagara Falls. Of course, I’ll probably watch. But the hubbub over a sponsor insisted upon harness smells less like a safety notion and more like a built in chance for a dramatic “releasing of the harness” when it is “too late.” I have all the respect in the world for his abilities, especially when heights and I, well, have an understanding. But, I also know the pole he carries isn’t there for ornamentation, ya dig.

That, and I’m pretty sure the “Slip” in Baltimore was part of the show.


I was told about a ted ex talk that ted ex apologized for and it’s been on my mind as house GOP folk want to throw more incentives as companies who aren’t hiring and sitting on their cash. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make it easier on people who actually spend their money. The Ted ex speaker mentioned that business leaders he talked to weren’t going to produce more, cost less, hire until there was a demand. So, foster the demand, folks. It seems to me the GOP folk are attacking the problem from the wrong side, again. That and the Ted Ex folks shouldn’t have apologized. The GOP hardballers all want part of that Reagan legacy. They forget he spent and invested to get the economy going again.

And he probably wouldn’t get elected today.



The Pittsburgh Pirates are only a couple games out of it in June? that’s kind of cool.


Smartest and funniest bit of baseball witticism I’ve heard this season wasn’t said by me, but a brilliant Yankee fan/friend of mine. An ad touted an upcoming meeting between the Yankees and Mets with all the titles they have won, which my friend compared to the amount of money he and Bill Gates have together. (the Mets not being big winners, for the unitiated)


Notice we are all clear on Mitt Romney‘s view of the President, but it concerns me that he both hasn’t said what he would do different and that nobody has asked him that very question.

A little alarming, I tells ya. Let’s not be sheep folks. If somebody yells about “getting this economy moving again,” make him say how


I bypassed the annual art show that traditionally kicks off the summer time. That didn’t stop the ubiquitous shepard’s crook planters from being visible as I’d watch a few folks head back up the street. I just wish the presenting organization wasn’t such bullies to prospective merchants. I remember them having the former Java Temple owner cited for selling drinks out of her own storefront. One of the food trucks posted a map of the turf dubbed the territory of the show and that just seems petty. There are plenty of wallets to go around folks, can’t we all just get along?

Blind Faith

Couldn’t watch latest G.O.P. debate, couldn’t do it. This never ending reality show is a frustrating commentary to voters, an indictment of attention spans, and just plain sad. We’re in a heap of trouble to be sure. If you are not a fan of the President, I respect that to be sure. We’re in a heap of trouble to be sure. Congress couldn’t be any more dysfunctional as it appears we’ve elected meandering democrats, obstructionist tea-partiers and republicans who probably wouldn’t elect Reagan.

It is frustrating that when Speaker Boehner gets asked if he thinks the payroll tax cut would help the economy and he replies that he isn’t an economist. Tool!! You don’t have to be. Give people who are paycheck to paycheck folks a little more to spend and chances are that it will help the economy as we are the only ones putting anything into the economy. Boehner, McConnell, Kantor, et. al are so busy protecting the big money that they are seeing the whole picture, making it look like they are still resenting the President for having the nerve to get elected.

I don’t entirely believe the dude in video entirely, but beneath the histrionics, he has some points.

Certainly not an all inclusive discussion, but there must be something other than bringing down the President on GOP/TEA agenda. It seems like that this has been going on forever and the only thing that has changed is that attention spans are dwindling. People are resentful of other opinions and are seemingly grabbing at the McNuggets. I listen to folks who resent the occupyers, labeling them as jobless or just wanting a hand out, because that is so obviously not the case. As Warren Buffett says, his secretary is taxed harder than he is. One guy who is honest. Can we get a second?

Rick Perry thinks President Obama has a war on religion in a deservingly ridiculed and parodied video. People are struggling and it seems more and more that our representatives are getting further away from representing. What is troubling is that people will decisions of videos and other propaganda rather blindly.

I think it summarizes my trouble with these slates. The Repubs are hating on the President. Fine, tell me what you would do. The President has disappointed me at times as somebody who voted for him. In fairness, he has gotten much done, but when you are hurling a few bricks into a mountain of trouble it can be difficult for the good stuff to get its due. From positions of strength, he’s got it, but too often he is spending time trying to broker with people who resent him and the folks who voted them there.

I think the current contestants on the GOP version of Survivor should quit making bets, scaring kids about parents “needing fixin,” imaging wars on topics not even touched upon and think about the job itself. And any voter who says they are casting their vote purely on the basis of a candidate who uses phrases like “putting America back to work” might want to consider a second news source, because the first one is failing you.

Blind faith isn’t getting us anywhere.

Got to see the whole board and there seems to be shortage of people willing to do that.

Let them All talk

I’m all over the place in my befuddlement.

Gonna start the work week with three very lengthy days serving the greater good, but by thursday, it could Chinese arias played on a bow saw by a left handed blind guy and I would still be at the water’s edge that eve. Looking forward to Lowest of the Low’s return….

As it might allow something to happen, JUST SELL THE DONOVAN BUILDING AND OTHER PARCELS. @ECHDC

(all credit to buffalopundit for that one, but he is right)

Got three days of music seeing/listening over the past four, so that is definitely a good thing. As a side note, since they are both local, go see The Skiffle Ministrels and Babik. Two decidely different, but very original outfits that are sure to put you in a good mood.

An actual progressive move by New York State, something that should have never been an issue, finally isn’t. I know the Catholic Diocese is perturbed locally, but last time I checked nobody has a monopoly and City Hall is where you go for the licenses. More stable loving homes….reads like a win win to me.

Michelle Bachmann is polling at 22% in Iowa. Apparently, gravitas isn’t needed in the GOP either. It just strikes me as interesting that for all the grumbling about the President’s background in 2008, telegenicism is apparently transcending records there too.

Not that I’m against joggers and charity runs, but do race organizers realize that there are more than two streets in the city of Buffalo?

Last one on Capital Hill, please kill the lights.

“Congress….please get your collective head out of your collective behind. You could have passed a budget last year, and should have, but elected not to. Now you are shaming us yet again. Please, for crying out loud, do your freaking jobs and stop worrying about who gets the blame when hard choices have to be made.”

When you think about it, this is what we need. This was the most profound thing I’ve seen written or spoken about the likely federal government shutdown.It’s ridiculous that the level of theatrics has gotten to this point. This could have been done some time ago, easily by both sides.

They are all at fault. For the republicans to act like deficit hawks all the sudden after funding Tarp and the Iraq war seems a little dishonest. For the Democrats to act as martyrs doesn’t ring true either as they could have worked a little to have this done when they had the keys to the whole building.

So, they are both at fault. These crybabies are arguing about funding things like Planned Parenthood? Is that the biggest crisis we have? People are going lose jobs, benefits, etc over federal funding of pap smears? National parks will have to close, depriving the government of income that it NEEDS. Families of folks doing important work have to reconsider what life holds, while these guys are still collecting their paychecks for accomplishing nothing.

Nobody is actually watching out for the people and I mean nobody. For all the bloviating, obfuscating, and general bullshitting, nobody is proactively paying attention to the actual “people’s business.”

So, instead of locking them in a room, or anything else, let’s hit them where they really hurt. No microphones for anybody. If military families do without, congress does without airtime. Debate, discuss, amongst yourselves. No running to your favorite media outlet. Wait, let me revise that. Cover it, national media, but without soundbytes. I understand Boehner, Kantor, McConnell wouldn’t drink water if the President offered it to them. I understand Weiner, Reid, et al hate everything the other guys stand for.

They all need to actually work as they are all at fault, instead of jockeying for facetime on national broadcasts. Nobody has anything new to say anyway, so let’s not give them a microphone until they do.

Higher Ground

is a lonely place. Sigh!

So, the Bush era tax cuts are getting fought about in Washington. President Obama is working on a deal that would reward the richest (who don’t really need the rewarding), but it would preserve current tax levels for the rest of us and extend unemployment for those who need it. Liberal Democrats hate that, Republicans love it. Me, I’m sort of meh about the whole thing. While I’m not wild about the way the far right wing Republicans dug their heels in about a not needed sticking point, haven’t we wanted them to all work together and get something done. It’s more than a little hypocritical I think to whine about this.  Democrats were carping about them not standing for anything other than blocking the President. Well, it isn’t a great thing to stand for, but at least there is the thread of something getting done. I don’t the the McConnells, Boehners, et.al. are really thinking it through. I would love for the President to be able to get the good to show them the virtue of all the obfuscating and bloviating that has been done on the GOP side. But sadly, the system doesn’t work that way.

On the West Wing television show, the great character, Leo McGarry, got to say the line about “part of being in power meant that everybody else has to take a seat for four years.”

If only it worked that way. I think that’s why those of us who loved that show’s early years valued it.

Pretty sure, we wouldn’t be this far with the upcoming congress. The high end tax cut is unneeded and crap, (Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Ted Turner all allowed as much, good for them), but if swallowing that can facilitate all the needed items, then I’m cool with it.

Sure, I want our leaders to accomplish something. We get nowhere if all our leaders do is sit and hold their breath until they get their way. How do you think John Boehner got to be that color anyway? Don’t the positives outweigh the already existing negatives.

It is a crappy bill to be sure, but I’m remembering about the people who need the aid will get it, not the folks who don’t need will continue receiving that. Needs of the many justifying the extras for the few and all that.

This is kind of how stuff used to get done — remember those days.

Tip O’Neill was no stranger to happy hours at the White House