“I’m not dead…I’m getting better!”

See you Monday. Had they shown this much life once twice in Boston, the Sabres wouldn’t be this predicament. But, it’s hard not like the complete game they played tonight.

Nice to see Miller yanking former passionless Buffalo automaton Miroslav Satan away from the game ending scrum instigated by Zedeno Chara. For doing so Chara might not get to play Monday, but the NHL is famously ignorant of its own rules, both during a game and conducting the game, so I expect he’ll be in there.

Can you imagine the scene on the plaza Wednesday night if the Sabres win on Monday?

Might just have to journey down.


“Why Did it Have to be Satan?”

-Sure, Miro comes through in the clutch now. Guess he better as we await from Pominville, Connolly and Roy to wake up.

I like the play of Lydman and Tallinder, and Miller has been out of his mind, but where are the supposed offensive guys. The big six have been here from sometime. When Vanek went down, they should have the wherewithal to be step up and aim high. not speaking softly and carrying a largely unused stick.

Bandwagon gets great mileage

with people dropping off. But after Monday night’s playoff loss to the Bruins, you can’t really blame anybody. With a lot on the line, the Sabres, with the exception of Ryan Miller and Mike Grier, were passionless.

Aside from noting that Bruins Coach Claude Julien looks a little like a 3-D Version of Elmer Fudd, a few things come to mind. Emotions run high in the playoff or not at all.

This wasn’t dirty. This was more of the stuff happens variety.

So was this.

When Brian Campbell applied the same to R.J. Umberger against the Flyers in 06, the Flyers responded by every guy taking off after Campbell. What was disappointed to me that in both cases, no Sabres approached Boychuk, said anything about his Momma, checked him hard, anything. Bruins and the Garden in general seemed a little energizes

Intense hockey is the beauty of playoffs, makes them fun to watch, but the boys in blue and gold haven’t matched that intensity yet, with the exception of Ryan Miller. There were some slow rising passion toward the end, but too little too late. Little things like Tim Kennedy getting outmuscled and outskilled by a twice his age Mark Recchi was the story of things. It’s only 2-1 so it wasn’t urgent, but Wednesday night will be.

The Playoff Push?

Is it possible that the only people who weren’t inspired by Ryan Miller’s play, conduct & determination in the Olympics were the guys he regularly plays with? Two games after two weeks off? Bleah!

Photo is from the news, where the news was more of the same. It would be foolish to think they can go deep this year, expecially when the team has been as uninspired as it has over the past five weeks or so, but some signs of life on the rest of the team could go a long way. Miller should be even better next year, but franchise goalies don’t come around that often and four years ago seems a really long time now.

Make this entertaining fellows, Ryan can’t do it all.

Thanks, that was fun

To paraphrase that noted hockey fan Charles Schultz, “Rats!”

To put it in perspective, the US Men’s Hockey Team wasn’t supposed to be in the medals, but a few epic games lead to a classic today. Congrats by all means to Canada. I was a little worried when our All-World goaltender was going to spend two weeks in the hands of the braintrust of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but the rest of the world found out we know, just how good he is. I’ve missed Sabres hockey, but it has been a hoot to see people jump on the bandwagon and I’m sure HSBC Arena will erupt when he takes the ice and you know he will.

The whole team looked like they wanted to kill themselves during the medals ceremony and you’d have to have a heart of stone to not be moved by the images of Miller alone with his thoughts right after the goal or of Miller and Sabres coach Lindy Ruff meeting at centre ice (spelled in honor of the winners). On the bright side, none of our guys got hurt during the tourney and perhaps this will make Ryan mad for the March run.

Left with just one question, why did it have to be Crosby?!?!

“Starting in Goal…”

Buoyed by the re-airing of the Top Gear episode centering on the Winter Olympics, I’m looking forward to some things and cringing at others. During a recent Sabres-Leafs game, the camera panned the Leaf bench centering on Coach Ron Wilson. Given the way the Leafs were playing that night, I was suddenly a little afraid for Ryan Miller. The Olympic Hockey tourney makes for some fun games, but ever since the NHL populace has taken over, the excitement for me isn’t there.

The Sabres have shown some signs of life, mostly thanks to Ryan Miller. Pat Lalime’s recent streak shows that we really don’t have to sweat the occasional night off for Ryan. And he’ll need some as this year’s team MVP.

He is dressing for the occasion:

Looks suitably bad ass for the games, but I’m hoping he’s able to save some for the Senators, ya know.