Good thing I have pie

Where to begin:

-Senate republicans doubled the interest rate for student loans, for no foreseeable reason.

-One school board member said our Superintendent was foolish to go to Albany in pursuit of funds. Funny, he’s been quiet since she came back with some funds.

-the great state of North Carolina passed a gay marriage ban, reinforcing the stupidass notion that THAT somehow protects the sanctity of marriage.

-Mitt Romney says President Obama is “politicizing” the  anniversary of the assassination of Bin Laden. Of course, the Mittster was saying this into microphones, which actually means he was politicizing the politicizing.

-the New York State Thruway Authority (talk about your misnomers) wants to raise tolls here to pay for a downstate bridge?

Makes me wish hockey was interesting at the moment, I could use the distraction,

as it is a good thing I have pie


Let them All talk

I’m all over the place in my befuddlement.

Gonna start the work week with three very lengthy days serving the greater good, but by thursday, it could Chinese arias played on a bow saw by a left handed blind guy and I would still be at the water’s edge that eve. Looking forward to Lowest of the Low’s return….

As it might allow something to happen, JUST SELL THE DONOVAN BUILDING AND OTHER PARCELS. @ECHDC

(all credit to buffalopundit for that one, but he is right)

Got three days of music seeing/listening over the past four, so that is definitely a good thing. As a side note, since they are both local, go see The Skiffle Ministrels and Babik. Two decidely different, but very original outfits that are sure to put you in a good mood.

An actual progressive move by New York State, something that should have never been an issue, finally isn’t. I know the Catholic Diocese is perturbed locally, but last time I checked nobody has a monopoly and City Hall is where you go for the licenses. More stable loving homes….reads like a win win to me.

Michelle Bachmann is polling at 22% in Iowa. Apparently, gravitas isn’t needed in the GOP either. It just strikes me as interesting that for all the grumbling about the President’s background in 2008, telegenicism is apparently transcending records there too.

Not that I’m against joggers and charity runs, but do race organizers realize that there are more than two streets in the city of Buffalo?