On the Road Again

It’s has been a bit since I’ve traveled for work. After being dispatched previously by employers to such exotic locales as Syracuse, Milwaukee, and other glamour hot spots, venturing to Montreal is an intriguing idea. I am a little concerned as it is for a marketing conference and the idea of 80 people upselling each other over three days might be a little much, but you hope to take away a few bon mots, ideas to steal, and some fun time at the Zoo de Granby.

Trade shows and meetings shared some cliched concepts from icebreakers, plenary sessions and whatnot. It’s the informal things that truly have the merit.

It is a little daunting prepping for the journey when you don’t do it that often. I still feel weird showing up at the airport with my Orbitz printout and the knowledge that that is good to go, but I will be able to tell you all about the Village Quebecois in Drummondville by the end of the week.

I know, you can’t wait that long. Well, too bad, I must turn my fate to United Airlines in the morning so ya’all’s got to wait.