Bad buffalonian


When it was as disgusting humid as it was yesterday, this seemed like the only sensible place to be.


Dear Dave,

Hope you don’t mind the informal nature of this quick note, but today’s Buffalo News features a story that caught my eye and I figured why stand on circumstance.

The idea of closing state parks & beaches to save money isn’t working for me. I know you are in a tough spot, as the Assembly and Senate care so little about us residents that six weeks after the budge should have been done, most are home holding reelection fundraisers. Hopefully they aren’t getting paid since they aren’t working. But places like Woodlawn Beach, the Knox Farm and others are little jewels that Western New Yorkers use and willingly pay in some fashion to use. By not caring for them this year and attempting to lock them, (most can’t be completely closed off), I think that is going to create a larger issue. If things could be put back for next year or later this year, won’t the savings disappear through the lack of upkeep, the inevitable repairs and the extra vigilence of the park police who will now have to patrol to keep the fence jumpers (and we know there will be some) out.

I understand there isn’t 12 million dollars lying around in every Albany sideboard drawer, a lesson not really learned by our elected reps as a whole. Give it some thought as you don’t pay that all up front and by trying to close those places, you might just wind up spending more.

Just a thought,


P.S. Meaningful cuts? State Legislature Committee stipends, raises, every dept takes 10% off the budget, authorities 20. That might make the school aid bugaboo less problematic